Establish vocational training centres in Maiduguri

The ban street begging in Maiduguri and environs by the Borno state government is a welcome development because it will help to reduce the menace of child labour, child trafficking, pickpocketing, rape, and other irregularities and social vices. The ban on street begging in Maiduguri is a serious challenge to orphans, people with disabilities, and particularly the internally displaced persons who are found mostly at fuel stations, mosques, markets, and other public gatherings struggling to put something in their mouths to survive.

Also, considering the nature and security challenges in Borno state, the attention of the Borno state government, public office holders, and politicians such as representatives in both state and national assemblies, has been called on the need to establish vocational training centers in Maiduguri metropolis and environs that will be used to give formal training to these beggars that were banned from reaching out to people.

Furthermore, the Northeast Development Commission should intervene in providing humanitarian services that will directly benefit people such as establishing skills acquisition centers that will make people engaged and self-reliant.

However, public office holders and wealthy individuals in Borno state should contribute their quota towards assisting hundreds of thousands of underprivileged people by establishing foundations and charities that will enhance and reshape their lives.

Similarly, nongovernmental organisations and civil society organisations that are operating in Maiduguri can also assist with food, clothes, and other necessaries. Also, the Borno state government should establish a policy on widow marriage in the state because doing that will significantly assist in reducing the number of women roaming the streets in search of greater pastures.

Bashir M. Dauda,

Department of Mass Communication

University of Maiduguri,

Borno state

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