Unaccountable governance responsible for corruption, cybercrime – ICPC chair  

The chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), Dr. Musa Adamu Aliyu, SAN, has said the high incidence of corruption and cybercrimes in Nigeria are traceable to weak systems in governance in Nigeria. 

Aliyu stated this in a paper presented at the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council First Half meeting held in Abuja. 

A statement signed by acting director, Public Enlightenment, and Education, and made available to journalist in Lagos, said the ICPC boss decried that decision-making process in the country have become unaccountable and access to decision-makers “is now dependent on restricted social networks, where earning does not correspond with the basic needs of life, and where government control and enforcement of the existing laws are weak.

He also harped on the importance of strong religious institutions where the fight against corruption should be prioritised.

“First assumption is that anti-corruption efforts can be more effective when they are communicated and conducted through religious organisations or leaders.

“This implies that these religious entities have a significant influence on their followers and can thus play a crucial role in spreading anti-corruption messages.”

The  chairman stated  further that the fight against corruption and cybercrime was not limited to any single faith adding that it was a collective responsibility that transcends religious boundaries.

“Religious leaders from different faiths can collaborate on interfaith initiatives that promote accountability and combat corruption and cybercrime. This unity sends a powerful message that these issues are universally condemned and that religious communities stand together in their commitment to ethical conduct,” he said.

He charged Nigerians to be guided by faith and dedication to justice saying “we must not forget that our role is not passive, we are active participants, supporting our religious leaders in the fight against corruption and cybercrime, and setting a standard for society to emulate. Together, our concerted efforts have the power to forge a brighter, more ethical, and secure future for all Nigerians.

“Let us heed the call to action, drawing inspiration from our religious teachings and committing ourselves to the noble cause of combating corruption and cybercrime. With unwavering resolve and collaboration, we can realise a Nigeria where honesty, integrity, and transparency reign supreme,” Adamu stated.