Orji Kalu: Most suitable for Senate President

He is unassuming, urbane and highly productive. His mien anywhere he goes is writ-paste as it bears his traditional sartorial elegance.Yet, he is characteristically unobstrusive. His gait and speech mannerism combine to paint a composite picture of a rare politician who aggregates the benefits of the social contract between the government and the governed. He has consistently proved that public service and politics are a trust anchored on the public perception of leadership accountability as circumscribed in governance.

Welcome to the world and apt deconstruction of the existential values of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, a former two-term governor of Abia state, a third term senator and, currently, the chief whip of the Nigerian Senate. In his close political circles, he is understandably referred to as the”Real Senator”, indeed, no pun intended, of good conscience. His sagacity and capacity to deploy the same utilitarian benefits to his supporters and associates in political engagements, apparently drawing from his background as a tradesman intellectual, are simply phenomenal.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, as a political sociologist, understands very well the tendencies, behavioural patterns, peculiarities of the desperate personae that congregate around the Senate and relate with him in the constantly changing shapes, context of real politics and politicking which largely explicates the ease with which he always leads successfully. The intricate knowledge he has derived from the link between his business exertions, and the executive and legislative experience he has garnered have prepared him for public service and politics that today he towers high above his peers seeking to become the President of the 10th Senate.

It is generally expected that very soon the critical stakeholders in the All Progressives Congress,(APC), as the majority in the next senate based on its turn over of senators in the last election voted into the senate, would under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari and the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu meet to micro-zone the office of the President of the Senate to the South-east zone of the country. And all eyes point to Senator Kalu as the most ranked and most consistent senator voted into the senate from the South-east zone,to be considered as the consensus candidate for the office because he deserves it on his own merit.

This is because it is very clear that the party needs a senate president that would build on the legacies of reconciliation, stability, and political accommodating credentials of past senate president’s produced by the party. The senate today needs a just man with good conscience, a man with the audacity of purpose, inimitable equanimity, profound solemnity, huge respect and team spirit to oversee its activities, as its first among equals, in an era of transition from one senate to another. Alhough no man is perfect, “I make bold to posit that Senator Orji Uzor Kalu approximates these virtues than all of his peers seeking for the Presidency of the Senate.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu is on a flight in search of this opportunity to offer service to his political party, the APC, at the highest level. Whether he is beckoning on the position of the President of the Senate or the position is beckoning on him in the knitty gritty political race, as long as there is consensus ad idem or a meeting of minds of the political apparatchiks that take him into consideration as the perfect fit today for the senate presidency, Senator Uzor Kalu is expected to be home and dry.

Senator Kalu Uzor Kalu’s political sagacity in managing different political interests stem from his over 24 years of involvement in partisan politics both in the executive and legislative offices and his, arguably, unassailable and formidable political credentials that have consistently made him ever present in our political space by his consecutive victories in all his political contestations. It is expected that it would not be an exception this time around, by the grace of God and his colleagues.

His political base cuts across Nigeria as can be attested by the various awards and recognitions from both national and international reputable organisations. Many today recommend Distinguish Senator Orji Uzor Kalu for the senate president based on his competence, experience, and nationalism. He is an advocate of the new type of political dispensation that recommends a synergy between the executive, legislative and judicial arms of government working in tandem to make the country great. He is a man that is full of compassion for the less privileged and his leadership of the senate would mean having a legislative arm that is intensely compassionate to the plight of the common man.

If the trend as seen from his performances as the chief whip of the present senate is anything to go by and is used as the yardstick of measuring his competence for the position of the senate president, in the months to come when the elected senators would be voting to elect their leadership, the senators would be expected to vote all the way for Senator Orji Uzor Kalu by a landslide as their leader. Except the miraculous happens in the Nigerian political scene, which is not expected now as in the case of Senator Bukola Saraka’s coup against his party, the next senate election for the office of the senate president would only be a mere formality for the endorsement of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu.

Senator Orji Kalu is a detribalised politician who has demonstrated an immense capacity, wisdom, and commitment to the unity and development of APC and Nigeria at large. He has all the requirements and has the experience to run the affairs of the senate in his capacity as the President of the Senate particularly at this time that the senate needs a unifier, corrupt free and detribalised personality of his kind to take it to greater heights.

Wada writes from Abuja via 08035937424