Of Maqari and Abdallah

It took me few minutes to come to terms with the pleasing and cheering news that an erstwhile disagreement that ensued between Professor Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari, the Imam of the National Mosque, Abuja, and Dr. Abdallah Usman Gadon-Kaya could be solved amicably without recourse to court.

The announcement that the chief Imam of the National Mosque has already declared his intention to set aside his decision not to take redress through lawsuit made me to further persuade, and compassionately beseech the duo not to further stoke the flames of division, disunity among Muslim Ummah.

To many, this issue has been settled with both scholars posting videos through their verified social media accounts tendering an apology to each other with issues raised concerning blasphemy and allegations of defamation of character. For all that are closely following this issue, to them, they believed that the matter has been laid to rest.

I write to further intimate followers of both parties that this peace effort that has been achieved by tireless efforts of some high profile personalities should be sustained. Has Maqari forgotten his position as the chief Imam of the nation’s central mosque? Considering his place as the chief Imam of the nation’s number one mosque, by this action, Maqari has taken into account his responsibility in ensuring peace and harmonious relationship among the country’s muslim scholars.

Some might capitalize on these differences between Prof Ibrahim and Dr Abdallah Gadon-Kaya to further bring more confusion to the Muslim Ummah. Both Professor Ibrahim Maqari and Dr Abdallah Usman can contest, more so disagree, or dispute each other’s claims if they believe it is inaccurate. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t reconcile their disagreements.

Also, these two respected clerics can negotiate whatever misunderstandings among themselves without subjecting their esteemed, revered positions accorded to them by Islam to public ridicule. In addition, Dr Abdallah Usman Gadon-Kaya and Prof Maqari are highly respected scholars, with their followers extending the length and breadth of this country.

We broadly, and extensively admire and benefit from them, as well as appreciate their immeasurable roles in educating the public. Based on the prophetic saying, scholars are inheritors of the prophets who bequeathed neither dinar nor dirham to them, but only knowledge. Accordingly, I believe, whenever there is any misunderstanding among scholars, dialogue, and discussion will serve as a combined tool to settle whatever disagreements and controversies.

As an avid follower of his preachings via his verified social media handles, I believe in Maqari’s tenderness, meek, agreeable, soft and mature approach of preaching. Thus, constructive dialogue devoid of unnecessary rancour should serve as best approach to Sheikh Maqari in resolution of any conflicts. Dr. Abdallah Usman Gadon-Kaya, on the other hand, is a Sunni scholar, whose Friday sermons and mode of preaching some view as tough and extreme.

Dr Gadon-Kaya with somehow radical approach is more determined than Maqari in expressing his opinions. Therefore, it betrayed my expectation and felt disappointed when I learned that they’ve failed to reach consensus and the matter has been taken to a Kano Shari’a court. But at last, they’ve succumbed to all conciliatory efforts, and have considered how Islam attached importance to forgiveness and reconciliation among warring parties. Therefore, it’s well worth to commend the bold move by Ibrahim Maqari to amicably resolve this matter outside the court.

Abbas Datti,


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