Mohbad death: Singer exposes Naira Marley

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Former signee of Naira Marley, Tori Keeche, has revealed his former boss, Naira Marley’s involvement in the death of late Nigerian singer, MohBad.

The singer who spoke on the alleged maltreatment she suffered at the hands of Naira Marley and his crew in an Instagram post, disclosed how her former Instagram account was seized after she left the label.

She also claimed that she left the label after she overheard them plotting to execute the late Mohbad and had pleaded with them to spare his life but was threatened.

She revealed that the death of Imole has been on her remind and it has drained her energy.

“Those of you going to my other account to comment on my post, please I’m no longer in the Marlians label. I left immediately after I heard about the plan to execute Imole on Sunday during his concert.

“My other Instagram account was collected from me from Marlian Label because I didn’t want to be with them anymore. They want to destroy the small career I managed to build. I’ve not uploaded there since the 5th of this month. They won’t give me my account back and it’s making me sad and angry.

“Splash was the one who trained me very well. When I heard about the fact that Splash was mad I tried to leave, to the extent that I went out of Lagos State to one of the Northern States. I went there to hide but only to my surprise that two days later Marley’s guys came after me and they brought me back to Lagos,” she said.

Tori recounted a scenario when Sam Larry, Naira Marley’s aide, beat her up because she refused to have s3x with him and how she and Zinoleesky clashed when she advised him to flee from the label.

“They kept on saying that if I respect myself and stay calm they’ll protect me.

“There was one night when Sam Larry came into my room in the aspect of sleeping with me but I didn’t give in so he beat the hell out of me. I was scared but I had to continue working for them else they’d harm my family, which I didn’t want. My family is my biggest support, I would never let anyone harm them because of my mistake.

“There was a time I was discussing with Zinoleesky and I was like telling him that he should better find a way and leave this label beach the label is eating him up and he looks like a skeleton. Then he took it to heart and started slapping me saying that I’m insulting him whereby he’s my senior and stuff. He was causing a commotion that’ll make Marley find out about what I said to Zino. I begged him to stop shouting that I didn’t want Marley to find out else I’d be in big trouble.

“But instead, he continued and Marley heard about it and what did they to me. They starved me for a while 2 days and kept on assaulting me,” she said.

Marley had denied any involvement regarding the death of Mohbad.