‘I’m Not Married’ Yvonne Nelson’s British baby daddy denies ‘Nigerian Wife’

Yvonne Nelson’s British babydaddy, Jamie, has denied claims that he is married to a Nigerian model now identified as Keela.
In a recent exchange with a troll on his Instagram who accused him of flaunting the Ghanaian actress, the British photographer simply clarified that he is not a married man, and this is contrary to the claims made by the Nigerian model who put him on blast recently.

Drama started after Yvonne Nelson granted an interview revealing her pregnancy, and also confirmed that she has been delivered of a baby girl.

The Ghanaian actress noted that she is not the traditional girl, and so does not really believe in the idea of marriage because all she wants is a man who she can be happy with.

Shortly after that interview surfaced, Ghanaian blog, Myjoyonline, revealed Jamie’s identity, adding that the photographer has worked with notable names in the film industry, including, John Boyega, Sammy Forson, model Leanna Beckford and Ava Enchill.

Loved-up photo of Jamie and Yvonne Nelson, as shared on Jamie’s page. Note the civil exchange between Yvonne, Jamie and fans. (Instagram/@Myeyeswide)
It wasn’t long before the Nigerian model, Keela, surfaced.

In a chat you can read here, the model told how she and ‘her husband’, Jamie met Yvonne Nelson, who purportedly had wanted to purchase slimming tea from them. But one thing led to the other and the Ghanaian actress allegedly began dating Jamie.

Keela said she is in the process of divorcing Jamie but hasn’t been able to complete that process because, as she claimed, Jamie is “bankrupt [and] waiting on me to pay maintenance and court fees.”

The upset model went on to add that the reason why Nelson can’t marry Jamie is because they are still legally married.

“That’s the real reason they can’t get married, not all that bullshit she’s feeding the world,” Keel a said, adding, “Like I said to [Yvonne Nelson], Jamie is now her gutter to bath in, but after this parade of senselessness, there’s now evidence of his adultery in flesh and blood, which should definitely expedite my divorce from the sick, abusive mofo.”

Well, Jamie tells a contrary story. While he didn’t go into messy details as Keela did, he simply said “I’m not married…but whatever works for you.”

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