ILO calls for action against inequality at workplace 

The International Labour Organisation (ILOl has called for action to reduce inequalities in the world of work.

While announcing a new global communication campaign called “This Way to Social Justice”, at the conclusion of the UN General Assembly high-level week., ILO Director-General, Gilbert F. Houngbo, called for collective action on inequalities and greater social justice worldwide.

He said the reasons for the new campaign includes the fact that high levels of inequality, aggravated by ongoing crises, have a high human and economic cost and threaten already slow progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs). 

It also said ILO data already showed that 4 billion people lacked social protection, one of the best routes out of inequality.

The ILO boss further said about 453 million people who would like to work, cannot find a job; and 214 million working people live on less than US$1.90 a day.

Recognising the unique role of the ILO, the world of work, and its institutions in addressing these pressing issues, Gilbert F. Houngbo said: “While the ILO has been at the forefront of addressing the root causes and consequences of inequalities since its inception, the depth, breadth, and repercussions of contemporary inequalities necessitate a comprehensive approach focusing on both distribution and redistribution mechanisms and policies.”

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