Energy thief apprehended in Kaduna Electric night raid

In a significant move against energy theft, Kaduna Electric executed a night raid on November 24, 2023, leading to the apprehension of Mr. Opafola Abiodun of No. 18 Mopa Road, Kaduna.

Abiodun, who had been tapping electricity from the 11KV Leventis Feeder, was caught in the act of an external by-pass on meter number 04190482713.

According to the HoU Non-MD Metering, Engineer U. A. Gumel, Mr. Opafola was disconnected from the power supply on September 28, 2023, and charged with a total sum of ₦104,823.18.

Engineer Gumel stated that instead of settling the outstanding amount, Abiodun resorted to illegal reconnection, primarily during the evening and night hours. Surveillance personnel on a routine monitoring operation caught him red-handed on November 24, 2023. Prompt action was taken, and the matter was reported to the police, resulting in the arrest of the energy theft offender.

“The case is currently under the jurisdiction of Kaduna Electric’s security unit, preparing for prosecution. In response to the repeated offenses, a second charge of ₦92,774.39 has been booked against Mr. Abiodun in accordance with the ORDER ON UNAUTHORISED ACCESS, METER TAMPERING, AND BY-PASS ORDER NO: NERC/REG/41/2017” he said.

This incident underscores Kaduna Electric’s unwavering commitment to contending illegal activities within its service area and ensuring a fair and lawful distribution of electricity to all customers.

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