SEB, ANCOPSS partner for quality education in Ebonyi

Ebonyi Secondary Education Board,SEB, has agreed to work with All Nigeria Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools, ANCOPSS, to improve educational system in the state.

This was as chairman and members of SEB met with all members of ANCOPSS in the state to find out the remote cause of poor educational system in secondary schools across the state.

Chairman of the board, Mrs. Lilian Nwankwo, during the meeting with the education Stakeholders at Urban Secondary school noted that the gathering was, “part of the Board’s fact-finding strategies to turn around Secondary Education in our dear state, to be responsive to the needs and demands of the 21st century”.

Mrs. Nwankwo frowned at the discovery made during supervision of secondary schools in Ebonyi state, saying that, “Last, week, we went on monitoring and I must confess that what we saw across the state were quite discouraging.

“In most of the schools visited, more than 60% of the teachers were not in attendance; many did not write Lesson Notes;while those written were not marked; Diaries and Class Registers were not updated, amongst other deficiency that can adversely affect effective teaching and learning,this is not acceptable.

“It has to be noted that observing such aspects of the job constitutes practical evidence of our commitment to duty, and vice versa.

“Having made these observations, I would like us to reflect on the issue of education and modern development being the reason for your appointment as principals, and why we are all gathered here today.

“Education as rightly viewed,as a veritable instrument for self development, and indeed a bed-rock of modern development and nation-building,considering its crucial role in developing the manpower to drive all sectors of economy”.

She noted that the vision of the board is to create vision to create “a Secondary Education Sector in which Ebonyi children shall enjoy sustainable and accessible qualitative education for self development and continuing education in other to achieve the educational goals of Governor, Rt. Hon. Elder Francis Nwifuru as captured in the People’s Charter of Needs”.

“For education to really play this role it must be qualitative;
Education is qualitative when the standard is high signifying good knowledge of subject matter resulting from effective teaching and learning,
Education is qualitative when the curricular contents are relevant to the developmental needs of the All people.

At the meeting, some principals of secondary schools including the state president of ANCOPSS,Mr. Chukwu Emmanuel enumerated the problems facing secondary school system in the state and suggested the way out.

Mr. Chukwu pointed out that some schools lack structures while some that have more than enough have limited students to occupy it.

He also observed lack of science equipments, continual exodus of teachers, lack of school supervision among others as the problems confronting the system.

Also Mr. Ngene Martins, Principal of Comprehensive secondary school, Oshiri explained that the problems in the state started when education became instrument of politics.

He advocated modification of salaries as a disciplinary measure in the system.