Oyo farmers trained on modern practices

Vestance Limited in collaboration with 365 Farms Limited have organised a training programme for farmers in Sepeteri, Saki East local government area, Oyo state to equip them with good agronomic practices to transform their farms and improve yields.

The one-day training, which took place at the Sepeteri Town Hall, was attended by resident farmers, community representatives, and the management of 365 Farms. 

Programme Manager at Vestance, Rildwan Bello emphasised the importance of empowering farmers with modern agronomic practices, stating, “Agriculture in Nigeria is still hampered by outdated practices, leading to low yields and limited market competitiveness. For example, while Nigerian farmers only manage to average two tonnes of maize per hectare, farmers in peer countries like Ethiopia and South Africa are doing more than four to five tonnes per hectare.”

He said, “We are organising the training because we believe that Nigerian farmers can be as productive as their peers and by providing them with the necessary information and education on best agronomic practices, we can help them improve their farm yields, profitability and market competitiveness.”

The training programme is part of Vestance’s initiative to support farmers in Nigeria and across Africa in a bid to unlock the full potential of agriculture. 

It covered topics including crop rotation, irrigation management, soil conservation, and value-addition techniques. 

Participating farmers were given the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges, and receive guidance from experienced agronomists.

Vestance is a Lagos-based consultancy firm dedicated to helping players in Africa’s agricultural sector unlock  full potentials of agriculture.