Happening now – US Presidential election: Biden leads Trump in electoral college early votes as counting continues

Trump and Biden

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are battling it out for the White House, with polls gradually closing across the United States and a long night of waiting for results ahead.

The President is currently leading in nearly every state he’d feared could swing to Biden and is on the cusp of victory in Florida, Texas and North Carolina.

Had Biden taken any of those states, there would have been few other paths for Trump to win, but if he holds them all as expected, the presidency will go to whoever wins toss-up states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio.

As things stand, Trump is leading in all those states, although there’s still plenty of counting to be done.

To win the Presidency Donald Trump and Joe Biden need to hit 270 Electoral College votes.

There’s obviously still plenty of counting to be done, but as things stand Biden has so far claimed 88 Electoral College votes, to Trump’s 72.

The means the President still needs to secure 198 more votes to win, while the Democrat hopeful needs just 182.

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