Flood: Bayelsa monarchs urge Ijaw nation to rise against govt’s insensitivity

The Bayelsa State Council of Traditional Rulers led by its chairman, King Bubaraye Dakolo, has called on the Ijaw and elders of the state to sue the federal government for ignoring the Niger Delta water ways for over 50 years without taking care of the rivers.

Speaking Tuesday in Yenagoa during a press conference, the Ibenanaowei of Ekoetiama kingdom said the federal government has been taking away the proceeds of the land without caring about the people and their resources.

The traditional rulers also urged the federal government to commission seasoned experts to advice on what to do to stop the negative effects of the flood ravaging the area.

They said Bayelsans not only require the swift intervention of the federal government, but also the visit of the C-in-C to personally empathise with the survivors of the deluge, adding that the resilient Ijaw of Bayelsa state are the ones whose land has been producing a major proportion of the oil and gas resources that have sustained this administration.

According to Dakolo, “We did not mince words in condemning the complete absence of agents of statutory federal government agencies and ministries saddled with the job of rendering assistance in our domains at times such as these; rather we were seeing oil workers in their cover all safe in their shuttles, going about their greasy, oily business, all over our flood ravaged state.

“We also need not reiterate that our kingdoms and clans, our flood ravaged kingdoms and clans, constitute crude oil blocs owned by persons and business concerns which regrettably, we do not own. Even though the gas flares are still burning-hot in our kingdoms despite the overwhelming floodwaters.

“While this type of calamity had never befallen our people, we had never imagined that this degree of extreme insensitivity and lack of interest would be displayed with respect to the survival and welfare of our peace people who are all fellow citizens of this great country for all to see at a time like this.

“The federal government that has the whole oil money has not deliberately walked to us to do something about the rivers around the Niger Delta. That has to be done.”