FG not ready to end farmers/herders clashes-Sen Binos

The senetor representing Adamawa south senetorial district ,Sen.Binos Dauda yaroe, has attributed the increasing rate of farmers/herders clashes in the country to federal government’s unseriousness and insincerity.
He said government must adopt a wholistic approach and be serious, sincere and determined to nip the challenges in the bud.

Just as he also counsels the government to ban cattle movement across the country to tackle the challenge.
He expressed dissappointment with the federal government handling of livestock transformation programme in Gongoshi grazing reserve in Adamawa state located in his senetorial district, stressing that since the programme was lunched in 2019 by vice president Yemi osinbajo nothing was done to implement the programme.

Binos stated this in an interview with journalists in his home town of mayo Belwa, after supervising the distribution of 800 bags of fertilizers.
“It is something that have to be wholistic addressed in 2019 the federal government lunched livestock transformation programme here in mayo Belwa at Gongoshi grazing reserve we expected that they will followed up and actually implement but since that time nothing has been done so government has to be serious, government has to be since and government has to be determine to address this problem once and for all that’s how we will ensure peace between farmers and herders”

“The problem we are having is the incursion of foreign herdsmen into our areas you find out that,herdsmen that comes may be from Cameroon,Niger and other places when they are moving they put in their cattle on the farms to eat up the crops by the time you come your farm have been destroyed and you will not even find the people responsible “

“So we have to curtailed cattle movement in the country if we are serious to end this clashes.we know all the people that are rearing cattle in our communities we used to know them before ,where they cattje stayed and where they moved to even in dry season but today you see people with cattle you don’t know where they came from so government has to determine the movement of this people and controlled it.” He said.

He expressed regret that whenever people expressed expressed concerned on national issues or suggest ways out of the challenges they are always villified or accussed of grand standing.

On the empowerment programme he noted that having distributed herbicides to farmers in his constituency in the last two months, there is the need to follow it up with the distribution of fertilizers to boost agricultural production in his constituency to ensure food sufficiency and security.

He added each electoral wards will received 85 bags of fertilizers.
He called for transparency in the distribution processes, saying that although it will not be enough to go round, it will alleviate the suffering of his people.
He urged them to see it as his modest way of supporting them and warned against selling them out.