Cleric reveals ingredients for national peace

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Good leadership, religion, justice, equality and prosperity are all factors that engender national peace, while their absence could have significant impact on peace in any society, a cleric Alhaji Ibrahim Uthman has said.

Alhaji Uthman said though no country in the world is 100% conflict free, many nations suffer few conflicts unlike Nigeria where the people have continuously gone through myriad of security challenges ranging from banditry, kidnapping, insurgency, killings, attacks, militancy, armed robbery even cattle rustling.

Addressing a peace symposium and iftar (breaking of fast) jointly organised by Rotary Club of Kaduna and Muslim Peace Network with the theme; “Leadership, Religion and their Implications on National Peace”, the guest speaker said Nigeria faces insecurity because the people have abandoned the dictates of the various religions on the way they relate with God and with their fellow humans.

He said, “We are facing insecurity in Nigeria because we have abandoned our religious dictates on the way we relate with God and our fellow humans. Whether we are leaders or followers, rich or poor, we need to take critical look at our religious tenets and follow it to the later. Are we being our brother’s keeper, are we treating other persons the way we want to be treated? Do we respect the rights of our neighbours 40 houses to our left and right, front and back?

“National peace is not contingent on good leadership and religion, there are other factors involved such as justice, equality, prosperity. National peace is a falacy, no country has 100% national peace maybe in various degrees. All countries face one problem or the other due to factors. Where there is widespread corruption, inequality, poverty, almajirai, leaders enriching themselves, where judiciary favours the haves against the have nots, where prosperity defines everybody can there be national peace?”

President Rotary Club of Kaduna, Rotarian AbdulMalik AbdulAzeez, said the peace summit and iftar aimed at preventing breakdown of peace in Kaduna state.

“Rotary Club of Kaduna decided to organise peace symposium to enlighten the people on peaceful coexistence in our social life, in our neighborhood, so that life can return to normal. The speakers have enlightened the participants on how our leaders should lead and how we can follow the dictates of the Bible and Quran to achieve peace,” he said.

The Convener of Muslim Peace Network, Alfa Hussein Makanjuola, called on residents of Kaduna state and Nigerians to educate their children and relations on the need for peace and harmonious coexistence.

“Leadership is very important what is happening in Nigeria today can be blamed in poor leadership. We should continue to advice and pray for our leaders to be focused and have the vision to deliver dividends of democracy to the people,” he said.