Benue:  APC, PDP at war over appointments, contracts

Director of Communication for the Benue governor- elect, Tersoo Kuka, Monday made some clarifications regarding a formal communication from the governor-elect, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, that has been leaked to the media by officials of the outgoing Samuel Ortom administration in Benue state.

Kula said his principal was being attacked because he wants to heal and fix Benue.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Benue state had earlier raised the alarm about the alleged plots by the governor- elect Hyacinth Alia, and his party, the APC in the state to subvert and truncate the legitimate mandate of the administration of Governor Samuel Ortom before its due exit date of May 29th, 2023 by communicating officials and civil servants not to respect directives by the governor.

A statement signed by the state publicity secretary of PDP, Bemgba Iortyom, the APC and the governor- elect since after the declaration of the APC winner of the gubernatorial election, have been holding secret meetings with selected civil servants, some of whom were reported to have been threatened and directed to scuttle the smooth running of the Ortom administration by ignoring directives from the governor.

“But our great party finds as most shocking the uncovering of a letter written by Alia to the MD/CEO of the Benue Investment and Property Company (BIPC) seeking to direct the company not to cooperate with the incumbent Ortom administration henceforth.

“PDP finds this disposition and conduct of Alia and APC as reflecting the most extreme form of impunity and immaturity lacking in necessary ingredients of statecraft as never before witnessed in the history of Benue state.

“While such unprecedented acts of unbridled recklessness as the use of a “Governor-Elect” number plate and Siren-heralded motorcade by Alia before his formal inauguration as governor may be overlooked, his seeking to interference with and scuttle the running of the legitimate government in power amounts to overreaching himself dangerously.

“Perhaps, Alia and APC need reminding that Governor Ortom remains the Governor of Benue State till May 29th, 2023 and there cannot within this period be two governors of the state,” the statement added.