Zungeru Hydropower Plant to boost national grid with 14,000MW

The national grid is expected to receive a boost with additional 14,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity coming from the Zungeru Hydropower Plant as Mainstream Energy Solutions moves to site.

The federal government handed over plant to Mainstream, stressing after it considered the company meeting the necessary statutory obligations, and named the preferred bidder.

During the inspection of the facility in Minna, Executive Director, Corporate Services at Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited, Usman Umar, urged Nigeria and other African countries to shift attention to clean energy.

Under the concession arrangement the company would run the Zungeru plant for the next 30 years.

According to Umar, the existing 14,000 megawatts hydropower potential in the country needs to come on stream, adding that leveraging on clean energy would provide cheaper electricity for Nigeria and other African nations amid the extant energy crisis and population expansion.

Umar said the monetary value that the government would get from the plant is nothing to be compared with the multiplier impact on employment, industrial and economic growth.

He noted that the experience of the company, deployed in optimising the value of Kainji and Jebba Dam to about 90 per cent, meant that it would surpass expectations on Zungeru.

The Executive Director said while efforts are being made on electricity generation, the government is doing everything possible to ensure that the grid performs optimally.

According to him, “The attention of the world is shifting to clean energy. It is cheaper for us to generate our electricity from hydro than gas, which requires another transport means to get to the plant.

“We know there are some deficiencies regarding the grid, but that’s being addressed. There is a constant effort and expansion to ensure that the grid takes more power.

“Several other generation projects are coming up. We have more hydro potential. Even for us as a company, we still have more potential.”

Under the structured concession arrangement, Nigeria may, in the next 30 years, earn over N1.058 trillion from the Zungeru hydropower plant, as the concessionaire moved to site to connect the newly completed facility to the national grid.