Yuletide : Cutting cost with natural hair and making brisk business with wigs

As the yuletide season approaches and with the growing acceptance of natural hair trending in Nigeria and globally, many ladies keep evolving ways to protect their natural hair.

Amongst the many protective ways is the braided wigs which have gained popularity in the markets. Mrs Ann Adehi can attest to this. ADEOLA TUKURU reports.

According  to Ann, the Abuja based hair braider, selling her braided wigs has been making waves in the markets as it is currently gaining preference over the human hair.

Hot and popular

It has been observed that the braided wigs are having a comeback moment which may be more than a moment considering how hot and popular it has become.

The mother of Two while recounting her gains in the business told Business Starter that there are lots of demand from the braids internationally because it last longer and it is re-usable.

Importance of wearing wigs 

Easy and fast; she also said the braided wigs are currently one of the most preferred hair styles as it is really easy and fast to do plus it provide direct access to the scalp unlike the usual sew- ins.

According to her, the prices of the wigs varies depending on the texture, the styles and types.

How wigs gained attention 

Speaking on how the wig started gaining attention internationally, Madam Ann, said ” I used to braid for a particular customer for two years now, she said she needed to travel out of the country and needed a braided wig to travel with .

”We bargained the price and I finished it within 2 days. That my customer travelled and after some weeks she called that most of her friends based in the US liked and wanted the braid” “I was overwhelmed and very surprised that foreigners also appreciate over creativity.

I made a 100 hundred thousand on the braided wigs because they ordered 12 braided wigs” “So far I can’t calculate how much I have made in the business but I am very comfortable.

Gains in wig business 

I have been able to assist my husband train our children as well as assist my siblings children too through school.

It’s been just hard and God all the way.
” High demand She said the prices of wigs have gone up now as a result of high demands by women, adding that this also depended on the quality, length and style.

Some of these different trending wigs are the invisible lace closure wigs, million twisted braid wig, straight human hair wig, full bouncy human hair wig, Peruvian lace wig and full curls wigs,” she said.

Reactions on wearing of wigs 

Women react to wearing wigs and some have affirmed that it was expensive to visit the saloon or pay for the services of hairdressers, adding that they had resorted to wearing wigs.
A civil servant, Mrs Shade Adams, said she had to cut her hair because it was expensive to visit the saloon and that she had also embraced the use of wigs.

Cutting cost of making hair monthly 

“Before now, I used to budget between N8,000 and N10,000 for my hairs monthly but the recent economic reality has changed everything, I now spend up to N20,000 in a month.” 

She said this had affected her other bills and because “I cannot cope, I have to resort into cutting my hairs and bought different styles of wigs which I wear whenever I want to go out.” 

Mrs Faith Obunwa, a businesswoman, said that wearing wigs was cheaper, comfortable and easy to maintain.

“I do not have to sit for long hours to braid or loosen my hairs; I do not have to feel that pain when the hairdresser is making my hairs.
“I have also avoided the pain that women have to endure for days after making their hairs.
“It is true that the prices of wigs have increased but they are still better and cheaper than visiting the saloon,” she said.
In her view, Shade Dapo, a student, said that she had been using wigs to cut down on her expenses.
“Being a student, it is not easy to make my hairs regularly, again, due to the current economic challenges.
“My friends help me to weave my hairs and I wear my wig whenever I am going out, especially, for special outings and lectures.
“Wearing wigs is cheaper because there is no money to make hair and there are better things to spend money on,” she said.
She said that wig was trending now and most women preferred to buy wigs than patronizing hair saloons.
“They are cheaper, comfortable, profitable, and easy to maintain, ” Dapo said.

How to start wig business 

Stylists who provide wigs capitalize on a large market of women and men who prefer the low-maintenance styles to hairstyles that use heat and chemical treatments to maintain. 

You can find hair-braiders nearly everywhere — they post advertisements online, pass out fliers and market their talent by word of mouth. Starting a hair-braiding business requires research, and in some cases, training and licensing.

Conduct research about regulations governing wigs laws regarding licensing for hair braiders varies from state to state, and some states require hair braiders to obtain cosmetologist licenses. 

Contact your state office to obtain the necessary documents for your organizational structure. Discuss your options with your lawyer or a trusted business adviser. Your options include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation. Base your decision on budget, co-owners or potential growth. Obtain your Tax Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service. You can apply online and receive your TIN immediately.

Construct a list of business location pros and cons. If you decide on a home-based business, give consideration to local occupational license requirements and the fact that clients would be visiting your home. A home-based business with constant traffic would require you to increase your liability insurance. Consider renting space in an existing salon, or leasing your own space.

Adjust your budget, if necessary, based on your business location decision, and higher insurance costs. “Women Entrepreneur” provides the following advice about startup costs: “Some elements of your business setup will be non-negotiable, such as state and local business licenses. Other aspects are completely negotiable, including advertising, professional fees, office space, cell phones, employee salaries and banking.”

Compose your business plan, noting the results of your marketing and feasibility studies. A complex, lengthy business plan may not be necessary based on the size of your business. 

Create marketing materials and distinguish your services from your competitors. Post online ads describing your business; design a photo gallery of styles you’ve made as wigs for previous customers. Offer referral discounts for existing customers who send business your way.

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