Youths and the revolution we need

Revolution as a radical change in a system could be through a peaceful process or violent one. More often people clamour for the latter out of ignorance or desperation for change. History is replete with narratives of successful process of revolution that was striking and spellbinding in articulation and execution. However, contemporary socio-political realities on ground today give no option than the revolution of the mind. I advocate the principle by D.J. Hopkins in his book, Revolution of the Mind. When you juxtapose the social malaise endemic in our society with the maxim that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, you will be at a crossroad to grapple with the reality.

The youths of the 21st Century are distinct and unique in the true sense of globalization. We have to create wealth than instant riches; be solution providers than problem creators. Our role in society and nation-building lie more on wealth creation, strategic thinking and logical reasoning. For us to lead tomorrow, we need to equip ourselves for the daunting task else history will never forgive us.

Today’s youths must be prepared to compete in a word of rapid technological change and innovation. The leadership of this country need answers as regards how to equip them with the skills they need and equally, how technology be used to improve their education. Technology is set to be a preferred way of learning in the future. Government should increase access to mobile broadband for subscribers providing tremendous opportunities to education in underserved areas. We must take advantage of the digital revolution to raise our youths to have the same level of education as the rest of the world as we are part of a global village that is our world today. A failed generation of youths is a harbinger of bad omen for the entire society now and the nearest future.

This vicious cycle of reproducing youths who are not adequately equipped to participate in nation building portents a time bomb. The pockets of anomie being the order of the day lately seems just a prelude to a full blown anarchy that may set in motion distasteful outcome for the nation. This ugly unforeseen calamity is what we the advocate of youth’s empowerment, earnestly seek to halt before it get out of control as it were. Investment, not spending on education and youth-oriented policies are the core thrust of our advocacy for better and capable youths that surely will be the leaders of tomorrow. Most great personalities of old were in their 30s when they attained such feats that marked their names on the sands of history. Give the Nigerian youths a chance to utilize their inherent talent and the knowledge of their time to take Nigeria to the next level.

Comrade Ogbu Alexander Ameh,