Youth ‘ll determine outcome of 2019 elections – NYCN


The President National Youth Council of Nigeria () Ambassador Sukubo Sara-Igbe Sukubo has debunked media reports that portray the youth as divided on 2019 general elections, that the youth will “largely determine the outcome of the elections.

Sukubo in an exclusive interview with Blueprint noted that the success of a nation in all ramifications depends on the youth and that Nigeria is not an exemption.

He said, ” first let me remind you that the National Youth Council of Nigeria is not a political party that go round to declare support for any political party or candidate. Ours is to enlightened and guide our youths to ensure that they support a candidate of their choice that will help improve their total well being.

“Media reports that portrayed the youth as divided on their choice of 2019 is not correct. The youth are not divided, all the youth organizations that are affiliated to are discussing, analyzing and observing the political situation. At the write time, we shall subtly direct the over 100 million youths, he revealed.

On the alleged crisis bedeviling youth council, Sukubo said ” well for years council has been divided, as we approach 2019 some politicians have also tried to divide us, but the recent pronouncement by a high court of justice in Nasarawa state which set aside the purported illegal elective congress and its outcome held in Gombe on 19th to 23rd of July, 2018 has further strengthened the unity of the youth, which will enable them to take a critical stand that affect the youth and Nigeria at large.

On the roles the youth will play in the 2019 general elections, Sukubo said ” from the recent estimated census, that put the country population to approximately 200 million people, we the youths are no doubt the most populous age group in Nigeria. We now over 100 million youths, so our votes and all our activities will largely determine the outcome of the election.

He added that, ” the youth are the most vibrant group that wil campaign, they are the group that will use their various profession to promote candidates, they will design most of the media content for politicians and above all the youth are the group that vote most in Nigeria elections. So 2019 revolve around the youths.

President also revealed that, ” all our zonal leaders, state chairmen and other critical stakeholders in youth affairs have been directed to enlightened the youth not to allowed themselves to be use as thugs by desperate politicians to distort the relative peace we are enjoying, we are for free, fair, credible and peaceful elections.

Sukubo who also confirmed that the Not too Young Run Act has provided Nigerians with alternatives, said ” the Not too Young to Run Act is something the youth will continue to appreciate President for, he has given the youth an opportunity for them to lead and contribute to the development of Nigeria. It has also provided Nigerians not just alternatives, but better, younger and intelligent alternative that they can vote for.

” With the Act, we now have many youths who are Presidential candidates, Senatorial Candidates, Member candidate and many more. We charge the youth to vote for the competent and credible youths, he said.

When asked on whether the council will support the candidate of the (PDP) or President , Candidate of the of the (APC) Sukubo noted that, hinted that when the time comes the youths who make this known through their votes.

He said, ” well that is a delicate issue, the council don’t declare support for politicians, but if am to use our to gauge President ’s performance I will say he has done well in some aspects and there are some areas that he need improvement.

“Atiku on the other hand has promised a whole lot of things, but the youth will at the appropriate time speak with their votes, he said .‎

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