World Environment Day: Organisations take tree-planting advocacy to FCT school

In celebration of the 2024 World Environment Day, marked every June 5, the Youth Advocate for Environmental Health and Safety Initiative (YAESHI), in collaboration with SDFarms, has taken the advocacy for tree-planting to the Supreme Lord’s Delight International School in Orozo, Abuja.

Addressing pupils, students and teachers in the school, the founder of SDFarms, Dr Stella Iwuagwu, said the environment has been abused by adults in different ways, hence the need for youngsters to take up the challenge in protecting the environment.

She said: “The environment is very important for the survival of mankind. God is wonderful. God has made the environment conducive for us by creating the ozone layer to protect us from the sun, plants to absorb the carbon dioxide from humans and give us oxygen to survive.

“However, human beings have been depleting the ozone layer and contributing to global warming and climate change with the burning of bushes, emission of gasses, indiscriminate disposal of waste products, especially plastics. In fact, seemingly harmless products like pure water sachets and plastic products find their way into the rivers.

“The plastic products block drainages, leading to flood. Even when they find their ways to rivers, they block the water surface thereby making fishes unable to breathe. Some fishes also die from eating the plastics.

“Therefore, planting of trees is very important for the environment. Trees will help the environment. It will prevent erosion as the roots will hold the soil from being eroded. Also, trees provide shades for human beings away from the sun. They emit oxygen for humans to absorb while absorbing carbon dioxide from humans.

“The benefits of trees are endless. This year, our goal is to contribute to the planting of one million fruit trees. There are one million reasons to plant fruit trees. It helps in ensuring food security and save the environment.”

The head teacher, Mrs Mary Zanzan, said she is happy that her school was chosen for the tree planting exercise as it would help pupils and teachers to take interest in farming.