Workers’ Day: Writers, students celebrate ‘award-deserving’ Ebonyi teacher

Today being International Workers’ Day (IWD), writers and students have praised a Principal 1, Grade Level-14 secondary school teacher in Ebonyi State, Hon. Ogbonnia Nwachi “for his consistent belief in them during their secondary school days as Government, Civic Education, Christian Religious Studies and Literature-in-English teacher”.

Nwachi, who started teaching as a PTA employee in Ozizza Comprehensive Secondary School, Afikpo, Ebonyi State, in 1998, was absorbed by the Ebonyi State Secondary Education Board, Abakaliki, as state government employed teacher on February 24, 1999 and was posted to Government Secondary School, Afikpo (GSSA).

However, in September, 2004, he was transfered to Ohaisu Community Secondary, Afikpo and Amuro/Mgbom Community Secondary School, Afikpo in 2005, from where he was subsequently transfered back to GSSA in 2009 and later to Ohabuike Secondary School, Ndibe, Afikpo, where he is presently teaching.

Also, after taking a leave of absence to serve at the Afikpo North Local Government Council in different capacities as Special Assistant, Executive Assistant and Liaison Officer to the Executive Chairman at the time, Pharm. Tony Ekoh, Jnr. between 2011 and 2015, Hon. Nwachi returned to the classroom in 2015.

In a chat with this reporter on this

year’s IWD, a writer, Mr Godwin Cornelius Udagbor, revealed that his literary skills were greatly influenced by “the faultless teaching method of Nwachi even as a student in the prestigious GSSA”

He said: “I’m a testimonial to the erudition and mastery usage of language by Hon. Nwachi, with which he drew the attention of everyone in class, between 2003 and 2004, to his subject, Government. My fellowship with Hon. Nwachi has birthed what you now read in reputable newspapers such as Blueprint, Daily Trust, Citizen’s Advocate, Good Shepherd, National Ambassador, Ebonyi Patriot and many others.

“I believe I’m not the only person with such a testimony. In an era where we have feckless teachers, Hon. Nwachi’s unstinting foray into the progress of his erstwhile students has made him stand tall like the Iroko tree. Examples are the scholarly essays he wrote on my humble self and Dr Laz Ude Eze.”

He added: “Hon. Nwachi used to write for the famous TELL, The News and Newswatch magazines. This social and political scholar cum writer have severally won best writer of Letters to the Editor organised by TELL; he was always making the first position nationwide. He helped edit my scanty manuscript for the novel, Bena’s Dream Comes True, which was published in 2014.

“As I make this revelation, I’m delighted to talk about my teacher. He deserves a national award, like Member of the Federal Republic (MFR), for his immense contributions to education, human capital development and a progressive society.”

Similarly, in a chat with this reporter, while celebrating her emergence as winner of an essay competition, 2020 P. Noble Essay Competition, a former student, Miss Ezeali Blessing Ogeri, dedicated the award to Nwachi, revealing he influenced her writing artistry and outlook in life.

“Mr. Ogbonnia Nwachi became my favourite teacher in Amuro/Mgbom Community Secondary School, Afikpo, between 2005 and 2007,

when he taught my favourite subject, Government, brilliantly and effortlessly; without peeping into any textbook. His unique style of writing, speaking and painstakingly reading through our notes- word for word- and effecting corrections on all the notes while marking them endeared me to him.

“That love, passion and dedication I saw in him led me to NCI Secondary School, Afikpo, as a teacher and I was immediately made head of all the teachers there few weeks after I joined them, because the proprietor, Hon. Awa A. K., saw something in me. Therefore, I dedicate this award as ‘Winner of 2020 P. Noble COVID-19 Essay Competition’ to my secondary school teacher, Hon. Ogbonnia Nwachi, who equally taught me the art of writing and whose writing skills inspire me till date,” she said.

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