Women urged to be more inclusive in decision making, others

There has been a call on women to be more inclusive in decision making, strive towards gender equity and break the stereotypes and biases that have limited them in the past.

Participants and experts from creative industry have also noted that the Nigeria cultural diversity has contributed to the problem of gander inequality experienced in the country.

Experts who spoke at the FirstBank Webinar tagged “Discrimination, Bias, Stereotype Still Walking Tall” shared the same view that in some parts of the country, culture and religious faith prohibited women from participating and attaining certain positions.

Executive Director Junior Achievement Nigeria,Toluso Gbadamasi expressed the need for parents to raise their children equally.

She encouraged parents to be more intentional in respect of training children.

She said “we should raise our children in a more balanced way but not in a gender manner.

She said there is need to encourage the female child to participate in front position at early stage of life, noting that once parents begins to criticize certain position, it would be difficult for a child raised in such environment to pick interest in any front position. She said parents should break the bias while training their children at early stage of life, adding that family’s domestic work has to be shared equally.

Stanley Chukwudi Uche, from Enugu state , Nigeria holds a different view, insisting that “both genders will never be equal in a real sense because there are many things men can do better than women and there is also much things women do perfectly well men can’t do. So, we can see that there can never be equity. But this does not encourage discrimination in anyway. “

He said the solution to the problem however, is that there should be an equal treatment of people irrespective of gender, social or cultural differences.