Woman seeks marriage dissolution for husband’s alleged maltreatment

A 42-year-old trader, Oluyemi Ogunjobi yesterday urged a Customary Court to dissolve her 21-year-old marriage to her husband for alleged deceit, maltreatment and desertion.

Oluyemi told the court that her husband, Sina Ogunjobi, claimed that he was working as an engineer.
She accused her husband, who had failed to appear in court after being summoned several times, that he was living a false life and also used to beat her regularly.

“He pretended to be an engineer so that I can marry him. It was after I got married to him that I discovered that he was jobless; he faked me.
“He drove me out of my matrimonial home due to severe beating. He has no regard for me. He sleeps with different women around our community and I know some of them.

“There is no point still remaining his wife. I am praying for divorce now to enable me move on in life,’’ Oluyemi said.
The petitioner also prayed the court to allow her the custody of Bolutife, 20, the only child of the marriage.
She also urged the court to compel respondent to allow her access to pack her belongings.
The court’s President, Mr Israel Fajebe, adjourned the case to March 10, to hear the husband’s claims. (NAN)

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