Wike felicitates with FCT Muslim faithful, urges peace

Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Barr Nyesom Wike, has extended his greetings to residents of the territory on the occasion of Eid-el-Fitr.

The minister in a statement through the director of press in the ministry, Mr. Anthony Ogunleye, said: “I most heartily congratulate the Muslim Ummah on the successful completion of this religious obligation and pray that the supplications made to Almighty Allah will be answered.

“This auspicious festival not only marks the end of a month-long period of fasting, prayer, and reflection, it also serves as a profound reminder of the values of compassion, generosity, and unity that lie at the heart of Islam.

“During Ramadan, we witnessed the spirit of self-discipline, compassion, and unity that defines this sacred month. It is a time when we come together in solidarity, sharing meals, breaking fasts, and supporting one another in acts of charity and kindness.

“I urge us, however, not to limit these acts of charity, love, and tolerance to only the holy month but should inculcate this culture into our everyday lives.

“The end of Ramadan should also not signal an end to our prayers. I hereby enjoin us all to continue to offer supplications to the Almighty for our dear country Nigeria and her leaders for divine wisdom and guidance, especially as they work ceaselessly to overcome our current challenges.

“Fellow residents of the FCT, this spirit of unity and togetherness that characterizes the nation’s capital is not only integral to the observance of Ramadan but also resonates deeply with the values of harmony and cohesion that the Federal Capital Territory stands for.”

The minister noted that FCT embodies diversity, tolerance, and harmony, serving as a symbol of unity for all Nigerians.

“Our strength lies in our ability to embrace our differences and work together towards common goals, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or background.

“As we celebrate Eid el-Fitr, let us reaffirm our commitment to building a society where every individual is valued and respected, and where peace and harmony prevail,” he said.

He called on residents to imbibe the message of the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, which prioritises the well-being and prosperity of all Nigerians.

Wike further disclosed that he progress made so far, especially in the areas of security and provision of infrastructure in the road and rail sectors and reforms in the administration of the FCTA, have been recognised and applauded.