Wike doing well as FCT minister, Nzonzo berates religious bigots 


A member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa state, Hon Vrati S. Nzonzo, has condemned what he described as unfortunate comments of some Muslim clerics calling for the removal of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Barrister Nyesome Wike.

In press statement in Abuja yesterday, Nzonzo, a grassroots politician, said some clerics are reducing the issues of governance along religious and ethnic lines.

According to him, it is very sad and most unfortunate that in Nigeria someone will have the guts to tell the world that they will run down the government and the president in the next election if he doesn’t kick Wike out of office.

Nzonzo said those preaching and fanning the embers of hatred against some parts of the country should understand that Wike is a bona fide Nigerian and no one will remove him for saying the obvious and doing the right thing.

He commended Wike for his efforts to restore the Abuja master plan, the country’s glorious image, which had for long been bastardised because primordial sentiments.

He called on Wike’s traducers to leave the minister alone to focus on the job for the overall interest of Nigerians who are in dire need of leaders like him.

“It is very unfortunate that someone will come out and say because Wike is a Christian he shouldn’t be the minister of the FCT. And it is also very sad for somebody to say because Wike is not a northerner, or a Muslim he cannot be the FCT minister,” Nzonzo said.

He accused some religious clerics of instigating people against the FCT minister, the present government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is also not happy about the unfortunate development.

“All of us are one, equal before and even after the law. In this country, no religion, tribe, individual(s) or any part of the country should claim superiority over any. There are requirements and as long as anyone meets those requirements, he or she can be given an appointment.

“Let me also say it as a matter of emphasis that Wike is one of the best leaders we have in this country. In terms of performance credentials, I hardly can see anyone who can match Wike’s track record.

“It is very clear he performed excellently when he was the governor of River state. I must say, this man has much to offer. And like he has always said he came into this administration with his head on delivering good leadership for nation building, not to a select few Nigerians but the entire country because he came based on merit and not empty handed as many will think,” he said

Nzonzo said Wike is a political juggernaut and that without him APC would not have won Rivers state because it is a PDP state with 99% high strength of the party against APC, the opposition party.

“We won our election in River State because of the Wike factor. His people like him, and his performance endeared him to the people. He deserves to be rewarded with any position by the Tinubu administration.

“In the whole of South-south, PDP is like a religion just like in the North-west APC is a religion. But Wike was able to break even and got a chunk of votes for the first time in the history of Rivers state,” he added.

The former Demsa local government chairman said Wike is a sound political material that any serious government will not want to ignore. Any student of politics will want to associate with the likes of Wike.

Nzonzo wondered the kind of magic Wike did to win Rivers for APC, how he convinced his people to support President Tinubu.

“There is something good about this government. For the first time since its creation 40 years ago, FCT minister was given to the South-south zone.

“The appointment is the first of its kind for the Niger Delta region and Wike being the first person has become a center of gossip, political propaganda and unguarded statements by our clerics 

“We his supporters and anyone else that cares to know, Wike is one of the best brains we have in leadership circle of this country when you consider his achievements and political capacity to deliver. Anyhow you look at it, Wike deserves all this support and people should rally round him in solidarity for his strides of leadership to succeed.

“So I want to lend my voice to all those who are calling for his removal not to overheat the polity with extremist views. They should please be agents of unity and peace so that we can have the development and good governance we all desire rather than being agents of division and persecution.

“May I also make it clear that Wike is a patriotic Nigerian and I believe he’s the best choice for FCT minister, considering his track records. No wonder, we have already started seeing real changes in so many places. I know very soon Abuja will take its rightful place as a model city not just in Africa, but in whole world, he Nzonzo said.

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