Wigwe’s death: Accident prevention specialist lists unanswered questions 

As friends and relations mourn the sudden passing of Herbert Wigwe, chief  executive officer at Access Holdings in a helicopter crash in California, United States of America, an accident prevention specialist, Dr. Vincent Akpu, has  said the way and manner the proprietor  of the emerging Wigwe University, Isiokpo in Rivers state died,  leaves many unanswered questions.

In a statement made available to blueprint Wednesday in Port Harcourt, the accident prevention specialist maintained that, there was much more to the death of Wigwe, his wife, son and others in the helicopter crash, than meets the eye.

He said: “l wanted to know why the government of the United States allowed  an aircraft model with recurring crash history to remain in service. Was the aircraft airworthy. Were the operational licences and certifications of the pilot/co up- to – date? Who gave clearance for the flight to take off in the wintry mix weather, and monitored the flight? Why was the aircraft not fitted with modern proactive safety equipment? When was the aircraft serviced last, and what has the maintenance history been like? 

Why was response to the crash scene very slow as if people were waiting for the wreck to burn down?” , Dr Akpu queried. 

The accident prevention specialist said he was still struggling to have full understanding of any unpreventable failure that led to the crash and urged investigators to ensure that no stone is left unturned to calm frayed nerves, especially against the background of arguments that the accident could have been preventable.