Why my films reflect northern Muslims’ culture – Hauwa S. Garba

Kannywood actress Hauwa S. Garba popularly called mama by friends and colleagues has featured in several successful films and is working on several others yet to be released into the market. She speaks to ALIYU ASKIRA on the movie industry, her plans to produce popular and high budget movies as well as her challenges among others.

Kannywood appears to be undergoing financial squeeze and record breaking cases of indiscipline and moral corruption. Will you say the industry is where it should be?

Globally, businesses are facing financial crunch, and ours is not an exception, especially, considering the fact that we are not getting support from banks or government, but we are doing our best to see that we produce quality films to entertain our viewers.

These days, most films concentrate on love stories instead of educating the society on morals. What is your take on this?

Love is part of life, once there is no love, the society is in trouble. Even in the industry, it is only when we love each other that we would be at peace with ourselves and each .

Secondly, as a producer, I have discovered that films that have to do with love and societal matters sell like hot cake. So, forget about what people are saying that we are either morally corrupt or very cheap. Some are even accusing us of coming to the industry to use our body to make money, they forget that even in the universities and other tertiary institutions cases of sexual harassment are rampant.

In banks for example, they would tell female employees to go out and look for clients and they are given targets, however, the way and manner they do it is not the business of the bank. So, tell me the interpretation of that? Does it mean go out and use body to bring customers to the bank?

So, which film will you say made you a celebrity or opened doors for you to secure more contracts and appearances in projects by popular directors and producers?

The industry is yet to see the best of me because I am not only planning to produce popular and high budget films, but I intend to expand my scope of coverage many more states and African countries where I intends to send her films and video materials.

Over the years, Kannywood has come to be seen by some people as a dumping ground for divorcees and widows even as some of the key players are school dropouts. Are you worried by this development?

How can you refer to somebody who will write a script, interpret it, assemble actors and actresses, and operate sophisticated cameras in order to come out with a quality film a school dropout?

In most cases it is our products; I mean songs and films produced by us, which members of the society use to entertain their guest during weddings and other ceremonies. Let me tell you that if there is an announcement today that tomorrow in Ado Bayero Cinema Hall, a particular producer will show a film that will feature beautiful ladies half nude or partially naked, I am telling you, the entire Zoo Road would not have enough space to accommodate those that would turn out to watch the so called movie talk less of the cinema hall.

However, if you say the film will focus on the life of some prominent Islamic scholars you can be rest assured that nobody would turn-up to watch it. So, what are we talking about?

So, what are you implying?

I am implying that people prefer watching love films or obscene films than conventional drama, or films that will deal with cultural issues or religious matters.

These days, Hausa musicians and comedians make a hell of money in the industry than first great producers in the industry.

All in all, the industry is still growing and there are lots of opportunities available, that is why, I am investing my money to produce quality films that will reflect the culture of northern Muslims.

I am determined to make the best of the time I will be in the industry.

If you go out of the country what people watch in Nollywood is what they take to be the normal life of Nigerians. To correct that notion I am producing films that are decent and can be watched by all members of the family without any embarrassing moment.

Away from your career, are you think of getting married soon?

I don’t want to talk about marriage and relationship because my priority now is to expand my business to include shops and other outfits to handle wares like shoes, bags, jewelleries and even a restaurant business.

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