Why LGBT ideology is doomed in Africa

The LGBT agenda is doomed in Africa, despite how it is packaged to look attractive. Even without enabling LGBT anti laws, it is a taboo that violently hits at the heart of values and tradition of Africa. It is not a human right and not even an animal right as it would be unimaginable, to let alone tolerable to find an animal of same sex running after each other for sexual gratification.

Across all traditional values in Africa, the practice of LGBT is a pathetic deviant behavior for which the practitioner or victim desperately need spiritual cleansing or at worst die and reincarnate a better person.

How the West arrive at the LGBT ideology with a clearly and unambiguously biblical refutation of it, and the heinous and surreptitious attempt to export it to Africa is a mystery. However, the West might choose to consider it a part of their civilization and can live with it. But it smacks of arrogance, insensitivity and impunity to attempt to universalize the ideology and practice of LGBT.

For Africa, LGBT is not a religious issue and cannot be sold on the altar of religious tolerance or moderation. It is sacrilegious to values, morals, ethics and even offends common sense and therefore, cannot find justification in individual or community rights in Africa.

The capitalism in the West is seemingly coming to a full circle, with majority of the working people, middle class family seeing their lives and livelihood nose diving to frightening levels, nearing poverty is an existential reality of the contemporary times.

The LGBT ideology seems like a new social package offered to the majority of working people in exchange for irretrievable downward spiral in the quality of livelihood, a non-economic device through which capitalism wish to hang-on. Capitalism’s brutal economic logic has imploded leaving it with hanging on any straw, including the noxious LGBT ideology. As the early capitalism, which transformed to imperialist militarism on a global scale, LGBT ideology must find relevance, justification and survival on a global scale.

But the facts on the ground in Africa shows that the LGBT ideology is already at a dead end and facts on the ground bears this out.

The advancement of LGBT ideology is suffering a major setback in Africa. About 32 African countries have already criminalized homosexuality, lesbianism, same-sex marriage and transgenderism. Every effort to introduce these practices has been vehemently opposed by the people of Africa, and laws are coming up to ensure that these are not practiced at all. Nigeria criminalized homosexuality in 2014 with penalties of up to 14 years in prison.

Recently, Uganda passed the anti-LGBT bill into law, and members of the Parliament have vowed to resist outside pressure. Despite wide condemnation from Western countries, the European Union and United Nations, the Ugandan government remains persistent in implementing the law.

Ghana has also passed an anti-LGBT bill that will criminalize LGBT advocacy and jail LGBT people for at least five years. The Ghanaian Parliament has vowed to fight back if any sanction is imposed on members of Parliament or on the country as a whole by the United States or any other Western nations.

According to Sam George — a member of the Ghanaian Parliament — “We will serve notice to Western powers that we have taken judicial notice of what they have done to the speaker of Uganda and the sponsors of [the] anti-LGBTQ bill. We will serve notice as well that if they replicate [the] same with our speaker and members of our Parliament, we will also take actions against their business interest in our country.”

Why is it that African governments are so audacious?

Most African politicians are not religious people. Despite their personal moral failures, they found it difficult to comprehend same-sex marriage and the possibility of a man sleeping with a man or a woman sleeping with a woman.

It is about the collective consciences of the Africans who cannot abide by these newly adopted Western values. African societies have so far stood their ground on this issue. That is not likely to change anytime soon. More importantly and encouragingly, a number of major countries like Russia, China are standing up for the preservation of traditional values which upholds the union of a man and a woman as the only valid criteria for the institution of marriage.

In Africa, the institution of marriage is the springboard of the family and the larger society and any threat to its sanctity is an invitation to chaos and anarchy. This simple fact should inform the wayward missionaries of the LGBT ideology.

Ikunna writes from Abuja.

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