Why I won’t leave Kannywood –Safnah Aliyu Maru

Despite rumours in the Kannywood industry that Zamfara-born actress-turned  producer, Safnah Aliyu Maru, had goine underground to safe herself from the prying eyes and wandering hands of some amorous directors and producers, Safnah has no plans to leave Kannywood. The successful actress, in an interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, speaks on her career and plans for the future among others.

The last we met was three years ago when you produced Wata Rana which generated a lot of interest among Kannywood players with many people thinking the movie may lead to intimate relationship between you and Adam Zango. Are you involved with him?

Remember I was the producer of the film and I chose who to feature in the film to make it successful. I decide to give that role to Adam Zango, and the film ended up being a huge success. That was all. There is nothing more, nothing less.

Rumour making the rounds in the industry has it that you decided to go underground by becoming a producer because directors and other producers were harassing you. Is this true?

I did not go underground. In fact I am still floating on the surface.

As for sexual harassment, the answer is no. if they say my body is too tempting, well that is a very good compliment I will not refuse to accept. Remember, I am Fulani and you hardly find ugly ladies of Fulani stock. I also ensure that I take maximum interest in my appearance because am still single and must do all I could to look cute and attract suitors.

One thing I am sure of is that even if I settle down I will still continue producing films and engage in other businesses that will assist my family.

So, what businesses are involved in besides film production?

I am into buying and selling of software as well jewellery. I travel a lot and I also have very big shops that sell assorted fabrics.

However, I will not leave Kannywood because the industry is growing and there are lots of opportunities to make good money.

What is your idea of an ideal man you would like to settle down with and have a family?

What is my idea of the ideal man? Well, you have seen me in person so whoever will come to me for marriage must be prepared to meet my standard.

I am not God that created us in different shapes so I cannot say for now whether I will marry tall, short, poor or rich guy, however, I definitely have a picture of the type of man I want to marry in my mind.

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