What to note when renting property – Walztechs MD, Omobobola Olawale

Omobobola Olawale, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Walztechs is one of the big league players in the business of real estate in Nigeria. Not only has he dotted the landscape with his signature property in some choice States in the country, he has also brought with him innovations that have blaze the trail in the business.

Omobobola Olawale of Walztechs broke his duck quiet early in the trade as he made his first major sale four months in the business. It is an uncommon feat that laid the floor for him to tread and for two years on, the Ondo State-born entrepreneur has defined his own neck of the wood.

However, as a Realtor, he says renting a property, however big or small should not be taken for granted or taken lightly as the decision has a far-reaching effects.

Hear him, “One of the most common problems in Lagos is the landlord-tenant issue. Crazy tenants and difficult landlords abound in this city. Believe me, you won’t like to meet one. So, to avoid some occasional problems, you’ll need to ask about the landlord from his neighbours and how he treats his tenants. And it is very very important you know about the state of a property before you rent it.”

“It’s easy to rush into taking the first available property in your price range but take the time to consider it in detail. We’ve all been there, you’ve viewed a property, you immediately love it and you can visualise yourself living there. This often comes after hours of viewing awful properties with the same rent, so you feel even more certain that there’s nothing out there, and this is the only good property available. You may even have a sneaky mention from the estate agent that it’s rare for something like this to go on the market, or that there are five other people viewing it today. It’s easy to go into panic mode, make a snap decision and put down the holding deposit for fear of losing the property,

“But you need to pause, assess the property fully and ask yourself and the estate agent a few questions. One of the things I urge people to always consider before renting an apartment is one, does the location work for you? Two, can you afford the property? Three, what are the charges/biills? Four, what’s the condition and terms? Five, who lived here before and why are they leaving? Six, how long is the tenancy agreements? Seven, can you make a change in the property? And finally seven, check the paper work. These are very important points to note before renting a property,” he said with conviction.

Omobobola Olawale established Walztechs in 2016 and has since undertaken projects across many States of the federation.

Omobobola is not just an entrepreneur looking to score big in the business, he is a professional entrepreneur with an eye for details and excellence.

He is a graduate of Computer Engineering Technology from the prestigious Rufus Giwa Polytechnic in Owo, Ondo State with a diploma in Architecture.

He is based in Lagos and so is Walztechs.

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