We ‘ve only 38 Covid-19 active cases in Bayelsa-Commissioner

The Bayelsa commissioner of Health, Hon. Newton Igwele, has advised Bayelsans to continue to keep to the Covid-19 protocol in the state rather than panicking.

He said drastic measures are taken by government to avert the further spread of the disease.

He added that Bayelsa state has only 38 active cases witnessed a spike in the number of samples returning positive to the disease

Speaking during a press briefing in yenagoa, Igwele said people should avoid a gathering of more than 20 persons, maintaining that people should also wear their face mask and endeavor to use hand sanitizers.

He said, “We have collected 2,640 samples.  From the time we collected the first sample to October and out of the 2,640 samples, we had 413 that were confirmed positive. We still have four active cases from those samples. And about twenty one persons have died out of it.

“In percentage we had about 15.6% positivity case. From October to date when we went out moving from one community to the other, we collected 9153 samples and we had only thirty two positive cases.

“Of the thirty two positive cases we have thirty eight active cases. Currently we have not lost anyone from the persons we have tested. The positivity rate is 4.15%. “

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