WADEMOS sues for peaceful coexistence in Senegal

The West Africa Democracy Solidarity Network (WADEMOS) has appealed to citizens, citizen groups, and opposition parties to remain law-abiding and to pursue the path of peace in Senegal.

In a statement issued the Communications and Digital Platforms Officer, Jonah Eledi was reacting to President Macky Sall who recently addressed the people of Senegal, and by extension, the world, on his intention or otherwise of extending his term in office beyond its constitutional limit.

WADEMOS explained that this, the Network believes, is in alignment with the expectations of the millions across the subregion and also across the continent who cherish the principles of democracy and believe in freedom of expression.

WADEMOS further said given the recent carnage on the streets of Dakar and the lingering prospect for further destruction of lives and property, it is imperative that President Sall uses this rare opportunity to de-escalate the situation and begin to restore confidence in Senegal’s democratic systems.

He said the implosion in Senegal is coming on the back of a continuing assault on democracy in the sub-region following the recently botched elections in Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

He said Senegal’s leadership is now more than ever needed, given its strategic role in the Senegambian enclave and its leadership in the French-speaking parts of Africa.

He said Senegal engulfed in civil strife will significantly weaken the capacity of the government to build on its social and economic investments and respond to security threats in the region.