VON, Tanzania deepen partnership to tell African stories

The director general of the Voice of Nigeria (VON ), Mallam Jibrin Baba Ndace, has restated the desire of the agency to deepen cooperation with the Republic of Tanzania to tell Nigerian and African stories.

Ndace made this known Tuesday when he led management staff of VON on a courtesy call on the Charge de Affaire of Tanzanian Embassy in Nigeria, Ambassador Judica Naguwa in Abuja.
The DG thanked the embassy for training its staff in Swahili, adding that he wants to work with the Embassy in making the Swahili section of VON more vibrant.

He said: “When you leave the boundaries that were created in Africa, we are one. We are one big family. First I am here to thank you because with your support Swahili is one of the international languages that the Voice of Nigeria VON broadcast in. I want to specially thank you for the training that we enjoy in Swahili.
“I want to assure you that as director general, I am willing to deepen the relationship between VON and Tanzania. For me, consolidation of existing relationships and partnership is my core focus. I want to assure you that I am willing to deepen existing relationships between us.

“I believe that the success of VON is the success of the African continent. When our founding fathers established VON, it was not just to speak for Nigerians but for Africa and Africans.”
Speaking further, he expressed his desire to work with the Tanzanian Embassy in fighting fake news, misinformation and disinformation through content sharing and exchange programmes.
He said: “You will agree with me your excellency that one of the challenges we face as a continent is the issue of fake news, misinformation and disinformation.
“Some sits in a corner, create false content about Nigeria, Tanzania, or Africa and put it out there and this affects the image of Africa. When we travel outside the continent we are treated lesser because of the negative narratives that have been created about us.
“As director general working with my team, I am going to be deliberate, truthful and unapologetic in telling Nigerian and African stories. We are not going to lie, but we will ensure that positive stories about Nigeria, Tanzania and other African countries are projected to the world.”

In her remarks, Judica said the embassy is ready to strengthen cooperation with VON in order to change negative narratives about Africa.
She said Tanzania is ready to implement the Memorandum of Understanding between Voice of Nigeria and Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC).
“TBC has appointed someone for the exchange programme with VON and they are willing to dispatch the person as soon as VON is ready to receive him, she said.