Vettel wins Hungarian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel hung on to win a tense Hungarian Grand Prix despite problems with his Ferrari and a valiant attack by title rival Lewis Hamilton. In a nail-biting fi nish, Vettel had his teammate Kimi Raikkonen behind complaining that he could go faster but being used by the team as a buff er against Hamilton. Th e Mercedes driver closed in but was unable to overcome the problems created by losing grip in the wake of another car. And he let team-mate Valtteri Bottas past into third place, honouring a promise he made earlier in the race when the Finn moved aside to let Hamilton attack the Ferraris. Vettel’s victory with Hamilton in fourth extended his championship lead to 14 points as Formula 1 heads into its four-week summer break.

\Hamilton’s challenge for victory was unexpected after a weekend in which he and his Mercedes team had struggled for pace compared to Ferrari. Vettel and Raikkonen dominated the fi rst half of the race, in which it was already clear that the German was managing some form of handling problem and that the Finn was being asked to hold station behind. It emerged that his steering was not working properly in left-handed corners. Th e switch to harder tyres at the pit stops changed the complexion of the race and gave Mercedes the pace to challenge. Hamilton had suff ered with radio problems in the first part of the race, unable to consistently hear his team. It righted itself after the pit stops as Hamilton was closing on Valtteri Bottas as the Finn was doing the same to the Ferraris. Hamilton asked to be allowed past his team-mate to attack the Ferraris, saying: “OK, man. I’ve got a lot of pace. You’ve got to let me use it. And this radio rubbish sucks.” Hamilton pledged that he would allow Bottas back past him if he could not overtake a Ferrari.