Using negative activism to polarise Nigeria criminal -NGO

Executive Director Research and Production, Ambassadors of Peace, Dr Ahamed Jibrin Sulieman has said that negative activism in the name of fighting for one’s fundamental human rights has the potential of polarising the nation, adding that mounting such agitation with destructive connotations is criminal.

Speaking to news men in Kano Sunday, on the score-card of the Buhari administration in the last four years, Sulieman said  the persistent agitation by some self-acclaimed activists whose permutations were geared towards instilling chaos and anarchy in the country was concieved to destroyed the fruit of unity and oneness of the nation being enjoyed since Nigeria gained independence.

He said those fighting for fundamental human rights via negative  agitations, have forgotten the fact that the unity and oneness of Nigeria as a nation is sacrosanct and that using negative activism in furtherance of primordial interest could only spell doom for the nation at the time when good attention was being paid towards entrenching a formidable security system.

Citing the example of Omoloye Sawore to buttress his point, the renowned legal practitioner maintained that agitating and calling for a violent revolution in ousting a democratically elected government would be a recipe for disaster affirming that those calling for such an action cannot be said to be patriotic under whatever guise.

He said: “Even in the United States, there is a limit for every agitation and that  activists with divisive tendencies are being checkmated and kept in solitary confinement for their destructive  tendencies to be tamed in the interest of the nation. Agitation for consolidating national interest and developing the potentials of a nation was endowed with is what is most needed.

“It is counter-productive for one to mount an agitation on either the premise of sectional or tribal interest. Every agitation should be geared towards the protection of national interest, not primordial interest. We are all Nigerians and we are supposed to be our brother’s keepers,” he stated.

On  the giant strides effected  in the areas of security, corruption and economy by the Buhari administration in the last four years, the legal practitioner said that the president had courtesy of his resilience, doggedness and sincerity of purpose  made considerable inroad in injecting some  balance of sanity in restoring peoples’ confidence over the years.