US election: Biden delivers ‘victory speech’ as Trump fires warning shot

Trump and Biden

Joe Biden gave what was very close to a victory speech as it becomes clearer he will beat Donald Trump.

The former Vice President has pulled ahead in the key states of Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.

He is on 263 Electoral College votes in the race to 270 and the White House.

He needs: Pennsylvania (20) or two of Arizona (11), Georgia (16), Nevada (6) and North Carolina (15).

The former vice president said: “We may be opponents — but we are not enemies. We are Americans.”

Trump needs to win Pennsylvania to stand any hope of remaining President – and even that is unlikely to be enough now.

It comes as the Republican continues to sulk, hours after launching an unsubstantiated and baseless attack on American democracy as his chances of reelection fall away.

The President of the United States has made repeated efforts to undermine the democratic process, without foundation.

Meanwhile, incumbent president Trump has warned Biden not to claim victory when the election was yet to be concluded.

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