UPF blames spate of conflicts in Nigeria on tribalism

The Secretary General of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), Nigeria, Dr George Ikpot has identified tribalism as a major cause of conflicts across the country .

Dr Ikpot stated this in Abuja at the just concluded award ceremony of Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) to the Chairman / CEO, Jingle bells Service Cooperative Limited ,Ambassador Orobo Peter Ovbokhan.

He said tribalism is a major cause of conflicts which makes people grow and carry out resentments in their hearts among themselves, adding that Nigerians need to build a culture of peace for one another.

On why Orobo was awarded Ambassador for Peace, Ikpot explained that they got some information about his passion for helping the less privileged and also saw how he has helped young people lived beyond rascality and took them out of the street.

He said they also saw the way he empowered youths and made them become more responsible in the society.

Also, the Executive Director of Community Reorientation Movement which focuses on education, human rights and project development, Ambassador Joel Chukwuemeka Eneogwe said they recommended Amb. Peter for the award in partnership with UFP because he is a youth and they have seen the intervention he has done with his personal resources.

“We are trying to show Nigerian youths to take leadership responsibility. Mr Peter is a kind of Nigerian youth that has been hidden and we are trying to expose him for the country to see . He has given more to charity with his personal capacities,” he said.

Also, Ambassador Peter while explaining on what inspired him to help people said the purpose why we are created is to see how we can lift people who are down up, while God lift those help up.

He further explained they have sponsored a lot of persons in the Tertiary Institutions, Secondary and Primary institutions.

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