Umar Bush: Story of a star skitmaker

The rise of Umar Bush, a popular Hausa skitmaker notorious for insulting people, to stardom is unbelievably incomprehensible, justifying Allah’s incredible ability to enrich whom He wishes regardless of their decency or otherwise.

It is Allah alone who knows how he got there. Many people thought his popularity was going to be short-lived like that of Alhaji Rufai, but that is not the case. He’s now targeted by skitmakers in the southern part of Nigeria. God is great! New deals are underway.

His unimaginable progress reminds me of when an elderly looked at me in our area during Ramadan and said that I would become a governor, but a few people who are my closest friends, whom I thought would be the first to say ‘In Sha Allah’ were the ones who contested against me. Indeed, life is greater than our sentiments, and it shall happen if He wills.

When he first came to the limelight comedically, many people thought he was a madman who needed intervention from a psychiatric hospital because of the way he speaks and relates to people. Some netizens even donated thousands of naira, amounting to over a million naira, which was later transparently given to his relatives after he had a misunderstanding with his manager, who is also from Kano, labelling it as ‘his end.’

A day later, his manager posted on his personal Facebook page announcing their resettlement with Umar Bush, assuring their audience of their continued efforts to reach stardom.

Ahmed Musa, a renowned Nigerian footballer, who plays both in and outside Nigeria, saw Umar Bush’s comical clips trending on Instagram and Facebook and decided to host him at his residence in Kano. Inviting him was a big drama, as he had a lot of misunderstandings and disagreements with all of them, insulting his managers and tagging one of them as his ‘enemy of progress.’ 

When given lots of Multina and asked to extend it to one of the team members whom he perceived as an antagonist, he started a fresh drama, insulting him unstoppably until Ahmed Musa intervened and gave him one million naira.

A few days ago, he signed a ₦100m deal with Ziptol, a company that produces powder detergent, among other detergents. He’s now a millionaire, and I foresee bigger deals coming his way.

Perhaps, it is my turn to be insulted comically when he sees this article, especially if he is told that I demanded he should pay me for writing about his uncommon sagacious rise to stardom amidst all odds. If you know him or know anyone close to him, tell him that he should pay for this article, else I will join Sadiq to disturb his life. 

Lawan Bukar Maigana,

Maiduguri, Borno state

[email protected]