Ukum: Tor Tiv worried over killings in Benue community 

Benue News: Apparently worried over the destruction of lives and property in Zaki Biam by angry youths, the Tor Tiv, Orcivirigh Prof James Ayatse, Sunday, appealed to political and community leaders in Sankera axis to see the need to come together and amicably resolve their differences to restore peace in the area.

The Tor Tiv in a state signed by his Special Assistant on Media and ICT, Freddie Adamgbe, condemned in strong terms the recent carnage in Zaki Biam, stressed that the recent wanton destruction of lives and property in the area has reduced the development and prosperity of the area as well as created a negative impression of the hitherto boisterous economic backbone of Benue that earned the state the acclaimed titled of the food basket of the nation.

He lamented that despite all efforts made to restore peace in Sankera, the criminality has persisted.

He assured the people of the determination of the Tiv Area Traditional Council, working in partnership with the Benue state government, to employ all possible ways to stop further occurrence of mayhem in the area.

“As the father of Tiv Kingdom, I am pained that the lives and property of my subjects in Sankera are destroyed. I spend sleepless nights deliberating on possible means to end the crisis in Ukum and Katsina-Ala.

“My prayers are that God should bring peace in the area because there cannot be any development in the area amidst killings in Benue community and destruction of property,” Orcivirigh Ayatse decried.

He said  the Tiv Area Traditional Council under his leadership has concluded plans to meet with political, community leaders and youths in Sankera to find the root causes of the persistent unrest  to restore permanent peace in the area.

The Tor Tiv commended Governor Hyacinth Alia for prompt response in deploying security agencies to Sankera to stop the crisis.

Update on Benue News: Politics, Security, and Current Events
Benue State, situated in Nigeria’s North-Central region, is a significant player in the nation’s political, economic, and cultural arenas. Known as the “Food Basket of the Nation,” Benue State boasts a rich history and an active political scene. This article offers a thorough overview of the latest news from Benue, focusing on updates related to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the All Progressives Congress (APC), current events, and the pressing issue of community killings.

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Security Challenges and Community Killings
Security remains a critical issue in Benue State, with frequent reports of clashes between herdsmen and farmers, communal conflicts, and other violent activities. The state government is actively collaborating with security agencies to address these challenges and ensure the safety of residents. Recent news highlights the following key areas of concern:

Economic Development
Benue State is making significant strides toward economic development, particularly in agriculture. The government is focusing on improving agricultural productivity by supporting farmers, enhancing agricultural infrastructure, and promoting agribusiness. Other sectors, such as education, healthcare, and tourism, are also receiving attention to attract investment and stimulate growth.

Health and Education
The state government is committed to improving health and education services. Efforts to expand access to quality healthcare, upgrade medical facilities, and implement health awareness campaigns are making headlines. In the education sector, ongoing projects aim to renovate schools, provide learning materials, and enhance teacher training programs.

PDP Benue News
The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has a strong presence in Benue State and plays a significant role in the state’s political landscape. Here are the latest updates on the PDP in Benue:

APC Benue News
The All Progressives Congress (APC) is another major political force in Benue State, with heavy support. Here are the latest updates on the APC in Benue:

Governance and Development
The APC has been actively involved in governance and development initiatives in Benue State. News updates highlight the party’s contributions to infrastructure development, economic growth, and social welfare programs. The APC leadership is committed to delivering on its promises and ensuring the well-being of the people.

Killings in Benue Community
Recent news in Benue State has been dominated by reports of violent killings in various communities. These incidents often stem from herdsmen-farmer clashes, communal disputes, and criminal activities. Here are some of the key points:

Herdsmen-Farmer Clashes: These conflicts often result in significant loss of life and property. Efforts to mediate between the parties and establish peaceful coexistence are ongoing.
Communal Clashes: Disputes over land and resources frequently lead to violent confrontations between communities.

Criminal Activities: Banditry, kidnapping, and other forms of criminal activity continue to pose significant threats to security in the state.
The government has increased security patrols, established peacekeeping committees, and engaged in dialogue with community leaders to foster peace and stability.