UFC 287: Adesanya to earn double of Pereira’s payout

Isreal Adesanya, a challenger in UFC 287, will earn two-times the entitlement of champion, Alex Pereira, when the duo fight in the middleweight championship at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami Florida on Sunday, April 9 2023.

The UFC heads to Miami, Florida for the first time since UFC 42 in April 2003. The fight fans in South Florida are in for a treat with what the UFC has put on.

Pereira and Adesanya go to battle for a fourth time in combat sports. The first fight between these two was sensational so you can expect more of the same here in what looks to be the last instalment.

The Sports Daily have done a deep dive into the salaries, fighter pay and incentive pay for the upcoming UFC 287.

Alex Pereira is set to earn more than $500k in salary and payouts, however, challenger Adesanya is still way out in front in terms of a payday.

The UFC normally doesn’t disclose fighter pay for obvious reasons (contract negotiations) but some previously disclosed figures can help us come to an appropriate estimate.

Using those figures, The Sports Daily has crunched the numbers to foresee the potential payouts for the fighters on this weekend’s upcoming UFC PPV event in Miami, Florida.

In total, the UFC is projected to pay out over $3.3 Million in salaries, incentives, and bonuses at UFC 287. Headlining the main event, Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya are expected to earn the most guaranteed salary.