Trust key in real estate business – Expert

One of the most robust industries in the Nigeria entrepreneurship market today is the real estate and property development, this is because of the volume of money that goes into buying, development and investment.

But research has made us learnt that many go into it with fear of getting scammed and getting duped. Nigerians, however still do their little best by trusting some few of this agents and companies that still give them the hope of having a residential property to their right of ownership.

The environs of the Federal capital Territory is one of the locations where massive investment and technology has been put into exploration due to availability of lands, estate allocations, commercial allocations and high demands for the use of these properties. From references and research, Felami Housing and Properties has done so well with their key innovations to earn the trust said about their brand.

In an interview with Mr Akinyemi Oluwafelami, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Felami Housing & Property revealed how they earned that much trust, clients and interest from the people of Abuja.

According to the CEO, it was just basically them looking at the loop holes in real estate services like use of technology to cancel out stress of going round and round while in search for a space for residential and commercial purpose. He explained how their platforms can be used by several agents around this environs to sell, market and advertise properties up for lease, sale and rent. The idea of detailed content creation on each property listed has helped them get the interests of more clients, as clients in the old way have been left with having to roam about the streets inspecting properties which might not be near to their interests but with the help of contents created already you will be able to say if that listed property is your choice or not and many agents have refused to help clients with enough details before inspection all because of their interest in inspection fee. But FHandP have replaced inspection fee with consultation fee to rather go search, sort and recommend. The goal is actually to take you to less than 3 properties and you will be pleased on that same day or hour after researches. Mr Oluwafelami also indulged agents to always put the interest of properties seekers at heart not what they will benefit, as this can only be the reason a prospective client can retain your services or recommend you to more clients.