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True, Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable

Please permit me reasonable space in your respected and popular newspaper so as to succinctly buttress a stance of our revered law makers on Nigeria as a sovereign nation. Just recently, after resuming from recess, the Nigerian 8th assembly Senators harped on the stance that “Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable”. This news worthy item was contained in the Blueprint newspaper of September27, 2017.

This stance by the respected law-makers is palatable to patriotic citizens of Nigeria. Nigeria, as a nation, is made up of many different ethnic groups which include the Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo, Edo, Urhobo, Tiv, Ibibio, Idoma, Kanuri, Igede, Fulani, among many others. These groups of people practice different religions such as Christianity, Islam, and African traditional religion. Besides this fact; there are hundreds of different languages which are spoken in Nigeria, which make it difficult for US to understand one another. In spite of all these differences, all Nigerians are expected to live together in peace, and harmony to foster national unity.

Coming on the heels of terrorism and secession threat, the firm stance of our respected law-makers that “Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable’’ remains appropriate, orderly, and laudable.

We don’t have any country other than Nigeria that we can call our own. We must have great value for our country, Nigeria. We must remember that our strength is in our diversity!! Thus, we all must join forces together and do everything possible in order to keep Nigeria united as one sovereign, independent nation.




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