Tribunal verdict: Prayers answered for Gov. Fintiri

You would recall that the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Adamawa state, Mr Humwashi Wonosikou, few days ago issued a statement calling on the people of the state to pray for His Excellency, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, to mark his 56th birthday.

Governor Fintiri solicited prayers as a birthday gift to Adamawa state citizens and Nigerians on sundry issues including the judgment last week affirming his election as governor of Adamawa state.

Three-man panel of judges led by Justice Theodore Ulojo spent over six hours thrashing out line by line, one by one the petition of the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Senator Aishatu Ahmed Dahiru (Binani) challenging Governor Fintiri’s election.

The judge snow balled his judgement by nose-diving simple “Dismissal” for lacking electoral regulations. It became a breakout celebrations in the cities of Yola, Jimeta, Numan, Michika, and Madagali. The whole state was turned into wild jubilations that Fintiri is the confirmed governor of the state as declared by the tribunal judges.

I recall how the prayers of many people, both old and young, thronged the social media praying for Fintiri to succeed as governor, especially on the governorship election petition. 

It’s a battle won and a victory for the good people of Adamawa state. The faith I now have on the governor is strong enough to paddle him through the many waters of the looming litigations if there will be an appeal by aggrieved candidates as it is already done by the candidate of the SDP, Dr Umar Ardo.

Be it murky or shallow water, be it a fiction or frivolous, my Governor Sir, continue the good work you are doing. Your record of achievements now speaks well for you. God who started a good thing will finish it to the end of your journey as the Governor of Adamawa state as pronounced by the election petitions court.

The prayers of millions of people around the world will guide and guard you through any legal tussles. The prayers of the saints and the good people of Adamawa state will fight, defend, keep you as the governor leading the government of a common man.

I congratulate you on this historic moment of Adamawa’s political journey. Keep working Sir, sustain the tempo of your good and excellent work of the Urban renewal mandate high and wide in all the nooks and crannies of the state.

You are a Lion, tip-toeing the land of beauty for the masses’ sake. You are a Tiger, gallant, brave and focused to dare the impossible. Of course, you are a Sheep, harmless and gentle, innocent and calm to serve the people of Adamawa meritoriously.

These prayers are still with you, they are still backing you from now to any day when someone may still shout nay in disagreement with what the judges of our land have pronounced.

It’s a prayer answered all the time, because the God you serve, we serve is a faithful God from now even to the end of time.

Congratulations Sir, now that the battle is over.

Garba, SPSP, FIMC, FBMC, a  journalist, writes from Abuja, Nigeria.