TradWest Couture: The Daffodil collection

Fashion is a wholesome statement of life. For women, it is considered as a form of expression. Some women are able to express themselves by creating fashion statements that speak volumes while many simply enjoy the simplicity of wearing the various styles that best embodies whatever they wish to share. TradWest Couture is one of the fashion designers working on the various designers that achieve these same effects on the wearers.

The duo of Blessing Idowu Ajilo & Joy Chiukwumuzie who are both founders of TradWest Couture just released a new collection called the Daffodil Collection which features fabrics from different cultures and tribes in Nigeria. The Ankara fabric is well known in Yoruba land but picture this, it is mixed with Akwete to make beautiful short and long gowns for women across all ages and walks of life. These various designs had other mixes like Swiss Voile Lace and Adire to make beautiful fancy shorts or trousers.

The collection boasts of designs that can be worn to parties and for casual work events. Some of them are also pieces that can be worn as everyday wear.

The beauty of each design is the uniqueness behind the blend of the fabrics used in crafting them. These various designs were made to ensure that the wearer’s comfort is not sacrificed regardless. It is worthy to note that some of the designs have either patch of another fabric on top of a main fabric or a merger of two different fabric and tribal clothing materials, this is to ensure that the beauty of each design is not lost on the general public who will get to see these beautiful designs. The Daffodil collection is a careful marriage of fashion designing and Art. Indeed, each design is created to make the wearer look like the work of art that every human body is sculpted to be. It is a gentle reminder of how beautiful the Daffodil flower is and how poetic the burst of color makes one feel when one happens on a field of daffodils.

Colors is an aspect of fashion designing that TradWest Couture has been able to find the right union of colors that work together without dulling the shine of one another. The Daffodil Collections has some clothes in Royal Blue and Orange which are two colors that work well together. There are also pieces made in Yellow and Green, Red and Neon Green to mention a few colors. These colors are usually considered as quite bright colors but Tradwest Couture has been able to blend them well with beautiful, simple and classy designs to create the Daffodil Collection.

As much as the designs have been very beautiful and eye-catching, the name of the collection was a bit confusing. One can assume that the colors of the fabrics used may probably be only those of the colors of daffodils but seeing other colors which do not even appear in daffodils itself is a little disappointing. We do hope that subsequent names of collections will reflect and tally with the designs one would find in those collections.


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