Tiv nation needs youthful, impactful leadership 

The president of Tiv youth organisation (TYO), Abuja chapter, Chief Joseph Saater Undu, Tuesday  said the Tiv nation is in dire need of a youthful and impactful useful leadership that would enable her surmount her numerous challenges.

He made this assertion at the maiden leadership retreat organised by Tiv Youth Organisation (TYO), Abuja chapter, in Bwari Area Council of Federal Capital Territory, FCT-Abuja.

Chief Undu stated that the leadership retreat is an avenue created for leaders of the organisation to come together, form a strong bond of friendship in a relaxed atmosphere, focusing primarily on skill development and strategic future planning of their organisation.

“He stressed that, as young building leaders of the Tiv nation in the FCT, it is imperative that we develop our leadership capabilities for impactful service to our dear nation, adding that, leadership is both an art and science and it involves strategic vision, critical decision-making and communication skill. It also requires using a wide range of scientific principles, such as psychology and sociology, to understand how leadership is the ability to influence, motivate and enable others to work together towards achieving a common goal, thereby contributing to the organisational success.

“Each person must see how they contribute to this goals,” he said.

He added that leaders must also focus on the individual growth of their team. This, according to him, involves coaching others, recognising employees for their contributions and creating an environment that encourages learning, collaboration and career development.”

This organisation is interested in prioritising leadership development, invest in assessments, coaching and cohort learning experiences that help their employees acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to become effective leaders. 

He said workshops and seminars, online learning opportunities and mentorship programmes for high-potential employees are also helpful.

He added  that for individuals aspiring to become successful leaders, developing the skills needed  today’s workforce that requires commitment and dedication.