Tinubu’s subsidy removal announcement ill-timed – SDP presidential candidate 

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Prince Adebayo

The Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate in the February 25 presidential election, Prince Adewole Adebayo, has described as untidy and ill-timed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s announcement of the fuel subsidy removal during his inaugural speech even as he advised Nigerians to  unite in order to have the elite more accountable.

Adebayo, in his verified tweeter account @Pres_Adebayo,  noted that it might appear too early to criticise him, having just been sworn into office, but President Tinubu should be reminded that the occasion of his inaugural speech was not the best avenue to have announced the suspension of such a macroeconomic policy.

He insisted that Nigerians would need a shock absorber in form of an alternative measures to cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal before any action could be taken in that direction.

Adebayo wondered if that was what Nigerians would get from the much touted renewed hope.

He tweeted: “I don’t want to seem impatient or trigger happy in criticism of brandy new president Tinubu. But it is not a neat way to announce a cost driven macroeconomic policy of fuel subsidy removal by just dropping it in an inaugural speech. We need shock absorbers first. Renewed hope?”

Meanwhile, Adebayo ,over the weekend, called on Nigerians to unite among themselves in order to make the elite accountable to them.

He noted that politicians are highly united through various interests like business, politics, and marriage, unlike the people who are only united by problems. 

According to him, “The people who need the unity most are the Nigerian people.  Politcians don’t need unity because they already have it. Politicians are highly united.  You will see today that the campaign manager for Akpabio to become the senate president is President Tinubu because Akpabio did everything against all odds to support his presidential ambition. Wike united with Tinubu. Ganduje, talking like a jilted lover when he heard that Kwankwaso had gone to see his friend, Tinubu in Paris, France. The political elite have ways of coming together. You saw Peter Obi and others coming together to celebrate Aliko Dangote when he commissioned his refinery. They do businesses together, their children inter marry. The people who need the advice on unity are the people in our neighbourhood  so that you don’t start insulting and fighting your neighbours over politics and then segregating yourselves. 

“Right now, if I call Peter Obi that I have a headache and he sees my number, he will pick immediately. If I tell him that I have a headache and my family isn’t with me. Can you send a vehicle to pick me up? He will not only send me a car, but if he is around, he might come and pick me up. However Igbo you are, If I want something from Peter Obi, he is more likely to give me before he gives to you because he doesn’t know you. The unity between the two of us has been established. The elite is already united. It is the people who shouldn’t be fooled. They should also unite to ensure that the elite is accountable to them.We are already united by our problems because we are all suffering from inflation, which doesn’t discriminate. We are suffering from the corruption of the government. When police harrass people, they don’t choose based on ethnicity. When you have an accident on the road because it is poorly maintained, it doesn’t happen to just one person”.