Tinubu’s inauguration: APC rallies Natives’ support for smooth transition

Ahead of May 29th inauguration of the new President, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has rallied support of a pro-democracy group, The Natives, for the smooth transition between between President Muhammadu Buhari and the incoming administration of the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The Natives with over twenty million members across the country, comprises of all the tribes, ethnic nationalities and all religious groups in the country.

Addressing a mammoth crowd of The Natives members on a solidarity walk to the national secretariat of the APC, Thursday in Abuja, the party’s national chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, said loyalty to President Buhari should not extinguish on May 29th.

Senator Adamu, while appreciating the crowd said: “We want your continued support for us and the incoming government. We want your support to ensuring that our transition is smooth and peaceful. Want president Muhammadu to hand over safely by the end of May, 29. Buhari has led us to this victory. And one way we can pay him is to ensure that he has a very peaceful exit. 

“We voted for him. We supported him. Everyone of us should be more anxious to ensuring that Bola Ahmed Tinubu succeeds as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He will take off by the 29th of May by this grace of God. The supports of everyone of you is required. As you were in the campaigns so you will be during the governance.”

Recalling his encounter with Tinubu at his Asokoro residence in Abuja on Wednesday, he expressed appreciation to the Natives over the successes recorded by the APC in the recently held general elections.

He said: “Today, through your concerted efforts, in collaborating with us, voting us, we have a brand new President of the federal republic of Nigeria in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“He took time off because of the rigors of the campaigns. We thank God he is back. I was with him with members of the national working committee (NWC). He is hale and hearty. He is ready to work. He is rejuvenated and ready work.”

While delivering their message to the APC leaders in attendance, Supreme Leader of the Natives, Hon. Smart Edwards, expressed gratitude to the Progressives Governors and the Adamu led National Working Committee on the victory of the President-elect, Tinubu in the recently held presidential poll.

He described Tinubu’s emergence as a victory for all tribes and tongues in the country.

He also called on the party leadership to avoid internal wrangling, ensure engagement of the right hands, celebrate and reward the unparalleled role of youths, women and disabled of all tribes, and be fair to all as we look forward to an industrialized and Prosperous Nigeria.

He said: “Tinubu’s strength is in mobilization of diversity to create development and although we keep talking about Wazobia, we are all equal, other tribes and tongues exist in their large numbers and communities and they believed his message and voted for Asiwaju nationwide, so the barriers that any of the major ethnic players seem to create does not exist, we have Efik, Tivs, mumuye, etche, ilaje, Egun, Tapa, Ijaw, Bachama, Zulus, Babur, Birom, Chamba, Yagba, Wajja, Oron, Urohobo, Sirawa, Owan, Ogori, miangu, maru, Kataf, Margi, Mandara, gbagi, saryawa, tangale, Kajuru, Iyalla, fulani, estako, boki, Andoni, Awori, Igede, eggon and many more tribes in many villages from where the votes poured out for APC.

“Asiwaju is a trailblazer and a pathfinder, a tested team player, who has mastered the act of negotiation in politics, so he has what it takes to keep the nation together, secure the nation and inspire prosperity across the land.

“He is a treasure to our nation that the whole tribes and tongues in Nigeria are eager to experience his magical and innovative ways of governance come may 29.

“Don’t be deceived even the accusers of APC cannot but acknowledge that Lagos is safer than their states and economically viable, hence they brag about Lagos to their families in the villages that have never visited.

“So we came here to celebrate with you and also remind you that you cannot afford to fail Nigeria and Africa as the continent’s largest party for giving us a Stabilizer, Mr. Stabilizer

“We read the manifesto’s clearly, it was even translated into languages, we saw a workable future, we looked at his background and we saw he had the formula. We saw a tremendous difference in his leadership language, he has being consistent and his projects are sustainable, so we reposed so much confidence in him and his ability to turn the fortunes of our various tribes and communities around 

“We supported party all the way to victory, we rose up afterwards to defend the Supreme Court against intimidation, we have risen to caution the LP misgiuided utterances, blocked all routes for interim government campaigners, we have reaffirmed that your mandate was freely given and not stolen, and we will continue to back the incoming government to achieve unprecedented results.”