Tinubu: Rekindle Hope for the Despondent @72


Any society can undergo positive transformation only through the power of leadership. Throughout history, a number of notable individuals have demonstrated exceptional courage, vision, and resolve in leading their countries towards advancement. Nonviolent movements for justice and independence were led by leaders such as Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi.

Icons such as Jawaharlal Nehru, Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, and Jomo Kenyatta played pivotal role in steering numerous newly independent African nations during the 20th century. Today’s world leaders, such as Scott Morrison, Jacinda Ardern, and Narendra Modi, are resolutely pursuing reforms in their nations. Through the demonstration of his outstanding character, vision, and accomplishments, President Bola Ahmad Tinubu is making a lasting impression on the international scene and on Nigeria, specifically.

Nigerians both at home and abroad are equally enjoying the life and times of its golden fish because they have demonstrated leadership effectiveness in bringing back Nigeria’s former glory, where every Nigerian is free to eat and chop as they please. Tinubu, the 16th elected president of Nigeria, was born on March 29, 1952. We now have every reason to join other well-known individuals both domestically and internationally in commemorating the life well lived of the Jagaban, thanks to his Renewed Hope Agenda.

In order to restore Nigeria’s lost glory, President Tinubu has consistently advised all Nigerians to reject politics of division and divisiveness, regardless of tribe, religion, or regional identities. Being a detribalised Nigerian, he overcame the factions that used his presidential ticket, which they dubbed the MM ticket, as a weapon without considering his record as Lagos executive governor or Senator Kashim Shetima’s in Borno state. Now that they have prevailed, it is time for governance, and Nigerians must resist giving in to political manipulation that could jeopardise efforts to reconstruct their nation.

At a time when the average life expectancy in Nigeria is less than 50 years, President Tinubu is celebrating his 72nd birthday, which is just one of the many blessings that Allah Ta’ala has bestowed upon him, his family, and the nation as a whole. Beyond politics, He is a bridge builder and peace marker who has traveled through all of Nigeria’s nooks and crannies, as attested to by the prayers of goodwill that have been offered from the country’s northern to southern regions. 

Because of his determination to score the best goals possible, he is renowned today. It is not a political discussion that acknowledges Tinubu’s sacrifices for the establishment of democratic institutions in Nigeria through NADECO, of which he was a key member. After serving as a Senator of the Federal Republic, he was elected governor of Lagos state from 1999 to 2007. He spearheaded and oversaw the implementation of sensible policies and programmes that laid the groundwork for Lagos state to become the economic center of West Africa and Nigeria. 

Using his power and network of friends across the nation, he co-founded the current All Progressives Congress, APC, in 2015, a platform he successfully won the 2023 presidential election on. This network included the country’s most recent president, Muhammadu Buhari. For the first time in history, the then incumbent President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of the PDP, the ruling party, were defeated by an opposition party. These were the paths taken by the president as he arrived in Aso Rock, amid the chants of solidarity songs from every Nigerian. 

Remember that Kano state, which is far from Lagos state, was chosen to host His Birthday Colloquium in 2021. Apart from being a Nigerian who is detribalised, Tinubu is a nationalist with widespread support. Kashim Shettima of Borno state was his choice for vice president, and he helped him get through the challenging political climate in Nigeria. He was elected because people who studied national archives understood that he was the only one with the political acumen to steer Nigeria toward prosperity.

Prior to being nominated as the party’s flag bearer, Tinubu served as the APC’s national leader. In that capacity, he skillfully handled both new and enduring issues that might have impacted the party’s prospects in the elections. His constant quest for improvement is fueled by his innovative ideas and unwavering resolve. The president’s decision to remove fuel subsidy was the only available option in a country where debt repayment exceeds 100% of earned income. The funds can now be used to support vital infrastructure projects across the nation, including those in the areas of health, social welfare, education, and power. 

With staggering monthly allocations, state governments today receive more than enough funding to further bring Renewed Hope to the people. Despite the obstacles and sufferings, Nigerians are grinning because better times are still to come. His remarkable accomplishments will be celebrated by future generations, particularly his dedication to creating strong institutions that will propel the country’s economy toward prosperity. The president’s prompt actions in easing the hardships caused by the removal of subsidy are presently helping federal and state civil servants, as well as non-civil servants. 

He has taken all the political undertones and risks necessary to rebuild Nigeria so that it will serve all of us in the present and the future. He is an incredible optimist and a lion of his own making, leading an army of sheep. Nigerians will live to celebrate the renewed hope agenda’s impending success, but we also need to act as prayer warriors, goodwill ambassadors, and conciliators to further the administration’s positive attributes. 

Never should we continue to curse our one and only nation, even in the face of insecurity, economic realities, poverty, lack of electricity, low educational standards and unemployment. Equipped with the skills of a master politician, he is the most accomplished political figure in Nigerian history. Making Nigeria great again is his constant goal, and he does not accept any excuses. He was present at the state burial organsised in honour of 17 Army officers who were killed in Delta state last week. In addition to giving scholarships to the surviving heroes’ children, he also presented the families with free houses in the locations of their choice and bestowed national honours on them. 

His 72nd birthday calls for national prayers and well wishes as President Tinubu prepares to advance the principles our founding fathers left behind. This is the hallmark of a leader. He is a unique individual who has captured the hearts of many Nigerians, especially because he has used his position to give the nation new hope in the face of its present political and economic difficulties. The future is bright, but in order to improve it for everyone, we must make sacrifices. Despite the current state of affairs, Nigerians should not give up on their nation; instead, they should seize the chance presented by the current political cycle to make choices that will contribute to the restoration of what has been lost, the rebirth of hope, and the rebuilding of the nation.

Mr. President, happy birthday.

Danaudi writes from Bauchi via [email protected]