Tinubu, little but mighty

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The incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, during his tenure as the governor of Lagos state performed excellently in terms of infrastructure development of the state. He transformed Lagos state from an administrative centre to a commercial state.

He created enabling environment for the youth to excel in the state, by creating avenue for them to develop their entrepreneurial skills. During his time as the governor, he expanded the state, all in his first term as a governor in 1999. He executed so many projects even the blind can touch and feel their presence, given his experience as an accountant and a former senator.

Bola Tinubu proceeded in building and renovating government’s properties that were abandoned for several years by the first republic government. This is a man who changed the narrative of the former federal capital (Lagos) and made it conducive for living by solving the security challenges. He implemented the Lagos master plan. Bola Tinubu has shown leadership quality as far as Nigeria is concerned; he did it as a governor and he did it as a senator.

Whether we like it not, Tinubu is a natural leader, who knows what is good for his people and has their future at heart. He can predict, that is why during his time as the governor of Lagos state he expanded the state by linking some neigbhouring villages and towns to the state capital, as well as modernising the markets across different local government areas of Lagos state.

He put all these in place according to international standard, which shows that his traveling around the world was not in vain. I am proud of President Tinubu in the sense that whatever people say about him, I remain as his fan and follower, defend him and pray for him too. I wish his tenure in office as the president of Nigeria will bring tremendous benefits to Nigeria and Nigerians.

I trust what he can do, this is one of the reasons Nigerians give him their votes, I thank Almighty Allah, may he keep Bola Tinubu standard and that as a leader, I am proud of him.

May Allah in His infinite mercy help this administration of President Tinubu to provide more dividends of democracy to Nigeria and its citizens.

Rukaiya Umar Digmari,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri