Tinubu alone can’t restructure Nigeria – Fashola

Former governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), has stated that those looking up to President Bola Tinubu to restructure Nigeria have wrongly dropped the gauntlet in his door as no president could alone restructure the country. 

He also cautioned those advocating for the return of Nigeria to parliamentary system of government to have a rethink and learn from Brexit and Japan’s fall outs from their restructuring.  

Fashola stated this in a lecture he delivered to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Yusuf Ali and Co.(Ghalib Chambers) in Ilorin Kwara state capital on Saturday.

Themed “Presidential or Parliamentary System of Government: Where is the Convergence”, the former minister for works and Housing, suggested “liberal democracy” that would ensure better and improved livelihood of Nigerians rather than calling for a change of system of government.

“Some people have made most fatal and unsubstantiable claims and predictions about the future of Nigeria if there is no restructuring.They have, in my view, wrongly dropped the gauntlet at the door of each President since 1999, including the incumbent, that unless the president restructures Nigeria, nothing will work.

“The first question I ask is whether the president alone can restructure the country by way of constitutional amendments if the National Assembly and the 36 states do not pass a constitutional amendments bill for his assent. The answer is no”. he said.

He said: “those calling for the system change are instigated by economic reasons, if only they are confident the government would provide their economic need, they won’t chant this clamour for change.”

He said, “if there is sincerity of purpose, there will be better life for all even under the present system of government.

He challenged proponents of the parliamentary system of government to come up with a more compelling reasons why Nigeria should return to a system which according to him, had catastrophically failed the nation.

Also in his address, vice President Kashem Shettima, said that only quality governance would shape the society not system of government.

According to Shettima, democracy can only survive by adherence to rule of law and quality of governance not by perliamentary system as being canvassed by some people.

According to him, “many nations that collapsed did because of lack of access to truth and justice; their access to justice was frustrated and denied,” he said.